Park Home Living: Is it Right for You?

You may have heard the term ‘park home’ and pictured a little cottage tucked away in the corner of a public park (perhaps nestled between the kids’ playground and the duck pond). So, allow me to clear that confusion up for you!

Though a park home may be located amongst much greenery and the wonders of nature, they differ from traditional bricks and mortar homes in a number of ways. Essentially, park homes are prefabricated single-storey residential buildings which are manufactured off-site before being installed on land owned by the park owner, to whom a monthly fee for the pitch is due (sometimes in advance, sometimes in arrears – it entirely depends on the arrangement struck with the owner or broker).

In the UK, there are many different kinds of park homes for sale in some of the most beautiful locations, from Berkshire up to the Lake District and beyond. Buyers get to peruse and select from a wide variety of designs before having it delivered. Park home pitches typically come with a small garden, but these vary in size and scope depending on the location.

Park homes are not exclusively for the older generations, but they are a particularly popular choice for retired people, who tend to find the tranquil settings attractive in larger numbers than younger demographics. Retirees also value the sense of security (and in many cases the absence of noisy children playing, screaming and running amok!).

There is also an obvious financial incentive to buying a park home, given the prevailing property market. Park homes typically cost between around £30,000 and £80,000 which means that current homeowners selling their conventional houses are typically able to free up a sizeable amount of equity by making the switch.

Due to the unceasing popularity of park home living, many sites actually have waiting lists (in a few instances, so long that they have actually stopped taking any names temporarily) so the best advice if you’re considering buying a park home is to register your interest as early as possible.

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