What Parkland Residents Should Be Looking For In Aluminum Fencing

What Parkland Residents Should Be Looking For In Aluminum Fencing

Whether you own a residential or commercial property in Parkland, Florida, an aluminum fence can make a great addition. They look nice and can keep people out of where they don't belong. For homeowners, they're great for keeping dogs in as well while you're still able to see through the fence, unlike a wooden fence.

New aluminum fences Parkland

There are residential and commercial grades of aluminum fencing. The commercial grade aluminum fencing is thicker than residential grade. Whether it's an apartment complex fencing off a pool or keeping people out of a warehouse commercial grade fencing is more than up to the challenge.

New residential aluminum fencing, in general, comes in preassembled panels. These are from 4' to 8' long and between 3' to 6' in height. If you hire a professional fencing contractor to install the fencing they will first dig post holes and then, after placing the fence, fill in the holes with cement in order to keep everything in place.

Depending on the length, height, style, and the number of gates, new aluminum fences Parkland can be expected to cost somewhere between $12 to $125 a foot. A factor that can increase the cost toward the higher range is if there is a difficult terrain to work with.

Parkland commercial aluminum fence

Commercial aluminum fences are installed in high traffic areas. These come in a variety of styles and colors. The most common colors are black, white, sandstone, green, beige, and bronze. Depending on the purpose of the fence they come in a variety of heights and lengths. The gates are usually self-closing as well as self-latching so that employees don't accidentally leave the gate open behind them.

As just about every apartment complex in Parkland has a pool they need to have a commercial grade fence surrounding it. Parkland commercial aluminum fence for swimming pools is specifically designed to comply with the BOCA National Building Code. This code requires specific aluminum fencing height, space between the pickets, overall strength, and other factors.

Commercial aluminum fencing around other commercial buildings, such as an office building, features different types of fencing. The goal is to provide additional security for the people in the building. They use strong aluminum alloys in the fencing and it comes in factory designed individual pieces that are lashed together using stainless-steel fasteners in order to ensure complete structural integrity.

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