The Mounting Demand of Properties in Crete

The Mounting Demand of Properties in Crete

The beauty of Crete is inimitable. A home to genuinely warm and welcoming people with a history dating back to 4,000 years, the largest Greek island is mystical, pure and absolutely generous.

Now we all know that islands are more relaxed than mainland living, which makes Crete one of the favorite destinations for Europeans who seek an investment property, a holiday home or a retirement home. However, you will also have access to all the Western society amenities in Crete including two international airports, good internet service, cruise ship port, well-connected bus service and all kinds of stores to shop from.

Also, what makes Crete particularly more interesting in addition to the sea, beaches, history, food and friendly people is that the cost of living is low compared to the other overseas locations.

Most decisively though, Greece offers the opportunity to non-European citizens to purchase property for sale Chania Crete, thus making the property owners qualified for a permanent residency visa.

All these factors, in addition to the following advantages, make investing in a property in Chania Crete really desirable:

1.Cost of Living

The cost of living in Crete is surprisingly really affordable as compared to other destinations, with studies showing that it’s 30% lesser than Cyprus. It is a considerable factor here that the living cost in Cyrus is itself recorded to be 30% lower when compared to Portugal and Spain. You will also be amazed to discover that even the prime real properties in Crete, and in particular Chania, are quite inexpensive.

2.New & Old Town

Perhaps you can comprehend that both new and old town in Chania is quite contrasting in characters. While in the old town, you will find ancient build properties which are mostly thick-walled and really close to each other but also deep in the tourist area, the new town has relatively modern properties with a quieter neighborhood.


Beaches with stunning sunrise and sunset views, clear blue sunny skies for 300 days in a year, moonlit and starry nights, summers without the fuss of rains and winters with no shutdowns or hazardous road conditions – Crete is all about these things and more. It is actually one such island where you can purely enjoy every season and weather.

4.Diversified Landscape

Majestic mountain peaks with some of them remaining capped with snow till the beginning of June, beautiful beaches with crystal clear Mediterranean water, ancient architectures, scenic and uncharted villages having history, tradition and character of their own, striking gorges and secret caves – you can find property matching your exact preference in Crete.

Owing to all the factors combined, the demand for properties is rising at quite a rapid rate in Crete and it is always a good time to invest in a property there. Dreamcatchers is there to help you find a desirable property for sale in Chania Crete as well as other locations on the island.

We have a well-connected network in all the local areas and can show you some of the best properties around within your budget. Also, we are always available to answer all your queries regarding the purchase of property as well as the things that will help you settle in your new locality.

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