Some Types of Masonry Restoration

Some Types of Masonry Restoration

Any concrete structure is said to have a life of close to a hundred years. It is not like a shirt we can throw away after a few years and put on a new one. Any building needs to last for all these years, but it is not possible without undergoing a bit of deterioration. This reduction could be in terms of its strength or in its looks. Whatever the outcome, some form of masonry restoration New York needs to be carried out to get the building back to its original shape and form. Let us look at some of the ways this is achieved.

One of the most attractive types of buildings we see in New York and other cities is the brownstone. It is so named because of the color of the stone that was usually used to make the façade of such buildings. When these buildings become old, contractors are hired to carry out brownstone restoration Brooklyn NY on the structures. These contractors need to have a thorough knowledge of the construction practices of these old brownstones, but they also need to have a strong sense of the aesthetics of the building.

Another way of restoring building is through the process of pressure washing. Using a strong pump, water is made to pass through a pipe and a narrow nozzle, so that a jet of water is produced. This helps in cleaning all the crevices, joints, gaps and other unreachable parts of the façade, apart from the wall itself. Pressure washing NYC is often carried out as a precursor to other repair or rehabilitation work, but it can also be done as a standalone process on regular intervals.

Another cleaning and repairing procedure that is very popular is brick pointing NY. It is carried out on buildings which have an exterior made of bricks, with joints separating the adjacent bricks. The debris and dirt that gathers in the joints over the years not only makes the surface look dirty but also weakens the structure. This debris could be painted flakes, crushed mortar, dirt, oil, and grime etc. As part of the process of brick pointing Brooklyn NY, all this dirt is removed from the joints. After this, a fresh mortar is prepared and is used to fill the space between the bricks. This is a process which makes the building look much more attractive, and also helps to improve its market value.

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