Sarjapur Road – The Hottest Destination for Residential Development

Over the years, Bengaluru has become a permanent residence for people from all over the country. Given the lucrative job opportunities, the busy lifestyle and ample prospects for growth and change, it has become a favourite among many. Likewise, the real estate development in Northern and Western Bengaluru have fizzled out, giving way for much advancement in the up and coming locality of Sarjapur.

Sarjapur Road has, over the years, seen rapid changes in the areas of commercial development. This has given way for many esteemed multi-national companies and corporate entities to choose this locality as their ideal setting. It has often been seen that the areas that tend to flourish commercially, have been able to attract many home-buyers as well.

Sarjapur is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing areas in Bengaluru. It is home to various revered corporations and offers easy access to the various prime localities in Bengaluru such as - Whitefield, Electronic City, Marathahalli, Silk Board and so on. These areas have also been identified to be Special Economic Zones.

In a fast-paced city like Bengaluru, it is most convenient to find a residence in an area that provides you with all the amenities. Sarjapur Road, being a prime location for corporates, has plenty of peripheral space that is ideal for real estate development. Apart from the central road, there are many surrounding spaces that have been viewed as the most ideal location to set up properties.

This area has plenty of potential for further development as well. Given its close proximity to prime destinations, it sees a huge influx of IT professionals choosing to buy a residence that is at an easy distance from their workplace. Additionally, Sarjapur houses various prestigious educational institutions as well, with the latest one being the up and coming campus of the valued Azim Premji University. The latest campus of Infosys has also found home in Sarjapur, making it a destination with much added value. The Central Government’s infrastructure initiative to introduce a Peripheral Ring Road to ease connectivity from North and South Bengaluru to Sarjapur would definitely aide is reducing the traffic woes that surround this area.

Sarjapur is also home to various other medical establishments, malls, restaurants, health care facilities and shopping centres. There are numerous real estate developers offering villas and residential apartments within a varied price range. One to noteworthy is the classical villas of renaissance era that are being recreated in here to cater to affluent IT executives. You are guaranteed to find numerous options for dwellings as per your requirements. With all the comforts of an ideal city life, Sarjapur is undoubtedly a perfect residential area for working class people as well as retired personnel.

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