Read Online Reviews to Choose Aventis Systems as your Service Provider

How to find an IT company that provides customized services as per the requirement of an organization? This is a question that stays in mind of many people. There are various technical settings that are required to be done with the help of a professional. And, system implementation is an example of it.

You may find many service providers for IT solutions, but you need to look out for a company that can provide customized services after evaluating the requirements of an organization. Moreover, the service provider must acquire significant experience and should have an optimistic approach towards effective services.

If you are hunting for a reliable IT company, then you can choose Aventis Systems as your service provider. It is a recognized firm that offers customized services for business, government, non-profit and educational organizations. The company also provides a wide range of new and refurbished hardware including Dell and HP systems. Its comprehensive services cover enterprise services, server and storage solutions, and software implementation.

Enterprise services of the company consist of crucial IT solutions like on-site troubleshooting, failure diagnostics, component replacement and configuration troubleshooting. Moreover, if you have lost your data due to hard drive corruption or any manual error, then you can consider company's data and disaster recovery solutions. Enterprise services provided by the company also cover hardware recycling and vendor management.

In server and storage solutions, the company assists an organization in changing the location of a hardware system without any inconvenience. Besides relocating the hardware, they also implement the entire setup at the new place. This service encompasses infrastructure analysis, IT asset inventory, system installation and post-boot verification of application. In hardware relocation process, they shutdown and remove the system securely and then transfer it. After this, they reconfigure the setup at the new location.

You can also consider software installation services of the company in which company's team of expert will analyze current infrastructure and prepare an effectual migration plan. They will export the data from current setup and import it to new system. Rootkit and malware removal services are also included in software implementation solutions.

The company offers network and security services covering network installation, integration, testing and security consultation services. This services is comprised of network topology planning, cable installation, networking mounting, device setup, link aggregation and network service deployment. Consulting services of the company include assessment of network vulnerability, wireless network penetration testing, identification of expected threats, and recommendations for secure networking practices.

The company ensures to offer these effective services for its clients at competitive pricing. Apart from this, you can also buy HP and Dell servers, access points, routers, workstations and peripherals. Their range of IT components includes processors, hard drives, and optical drives. You can read Aventis Systems Reviews to get more information about these services.

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