All You Need to Know about Paper Suppliers and the Paper & Pulp Industry

A Brief Look into the History of Paper and Pulp Making Process:

Paper and the pulp making process is said to have developed long back in the 2nd century AD in China by the Han court eunuch Cai Lun. Although the earliest fragments of paper was derived from China in the 2nd century. Paper spread to the Islamic country in the 8th century, where the laborious and rudimentary paper making process was replaced by machines that manufactured paper in bulks. Thereafter the paper making process was diffused further west into the European countries.

Advent of modern paper making process was marked by the development of Fourdrinier machine in the 19th century in Europe that manufactured paper rolls rather than sheets of papers.

Canadian inventor Charles Fenerty and German inventor F.G. Keller in 1844 marked the end of 2000 year use of pulped rags and the beginning of newsprint.

Responsibilities of Modern Paper Suppliers and Manufacturers:

Paper suppliers and manufacturers orchestrate the entire process and sees to it that paper is made and refined and distributed in a usable condition to all those who need it.

The entire manufacturing work is overseen by the manufacturers. They monitor the entire process from the time a tree is uprooted and taken to the warehouse, to the point they are been chopped and submerged in the cooking chemicals to turn them soft. Paper is made out of it, so that they can be used to make registers, notebooks, tissue papers, packaging purposes etc. Paper manufacturers look after all these steps to ensure a hassle free, smooth completion of work on time, following the manufacturing guidelines laid down by different governing bodies. Paper continues to play an important role today even in this age of digitalisation and globalisation. Paper is used not only in magazines and newspapers; it is used in other sectors like construction and packaging as well.

Social Role of the Modern Paper Manufacturers and Suppliers:

Paper manufacturers and suppliers play important social role today to keep a check on environmental degradation and the need for conservation for the next generation.

Fuji Xerox Australia (FXA) has laid down strict guidelines on sourcing of papers to reduce environmental degradation and ensure that the principles of sustainable development are not violated in any way. Copy paper suppliers are required to abide by the highest environmental international standards in terms of paper and pulp manufacturing and forestry practices as well. Lobbying by the environmental organisations and government regulations has increased the trend towards sustainable development in the paper and pulp industry.

Paper waste is said to add to about 71.6 million tons of waste every year in the United States. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, paper recycling mitigates about 35% of water pollution problem and 74% of air pollution. Modern mills are considered more environment-friendly and are known to have reduced air and water pollution to a considerable extent.

Global Players in the Paper and Pulp Industry:

As mentioned above, the paper and pulp industry encompasses more than just the stack of papers you find in the stationary or office supply stores. Food packaging, grocery bags, newsprint, bathroom tissues and even paper money is touched upon by the paper and pulp industry. According to Paper Facts, the global producer of paper and pulp are as follows:

•  United States : The US Industry and Market Outlook in 2006 reported over 400 working mills in US. Exports of product average were near about $15 billion.

•  Canada : One of the largest industries in Canada is the paper and pulp industry. AbitibiBowater, Inc is ranked as one of the leading manufacturers of the nation among the top 10 global producers.

•  Finland : Finish paper manufacturers, according to the RISI, accounted for more than 12,000 tons of products. This makes it one among the most productive European countries in this sector.

•  Sweden : Sweden also holds a high rank among the major paper and pulp producers.

•  China : China has been currently ranked the largest producer of paper and pulp. Output of China is almost triple of its nearest Asian competitor, Japan.

China is known to be the leading producer and supplier of paper in the world. Majority of the paper suppliers in China and US have their own specialised products. Paper manufacturers and suppliers help the common man get paper.


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