Details Every Host Should Discuss with a Wedding Planning Company

Planning a wedding is a herculean task for most hosts, and is best left to wedding planning companies who specialize in organizing beautiful and memorable functions. When availing their services, you need to asses them on different parameters. Here are a few important ones.

Experience and expertise

Wedding planners are great organizers of wedding and related events. However, not all of them specialize in the same areas. The experience that the company has varies, and each of them boasts of a different set of qualities and expertise. Some of them are masters in organizing destination weddings, while some others specialize in celebrity weddings, and still others, in budget ones. Ask your wedding planning company what kind of weddings they have organized the most frequently, and which ones they conduct the best. Assess their skills and qualities and see if they suit your needs.

Services covered

Wedding planners cover the needs of clients from A-Z, however not all those services maybe rendered by the company themselves. A few of them maybe outsourced to third party service providers. Discuss with your planner and create an understanding of what services will be included in the contract – invitations, RSVPs, venue, food and beverage, pre and post wedding parties etc. Let them know of specific services that you need or do not need. For e.g., you best friend maybe a professional make-up artist and hence you wouldn’t need the wedding company’s help in hiring one.

Time frame

Wedding planning companies require that the bookings be done anywhere from weeks to months in advance. Check with your wedding planner on how early you need to sign the contract with them. Also understand how much of time they would require to perform each of the different activities they undertake. Create an idea of how much time they would be willing to spend with you, to understand your needs and requirements, and how they set deadlines according to the same.

Budget and expenditure

Wedding planning companies charge clients based on the experience and nature of services required. When assessing your service provider, list down the services that are covered and the price charged for each of them. Compare prices with different vendors so as to ensure that you are being charged reasonably. Also check if the prices quoted fit within your budget.

Terms of service

Wedding planning companies usually enter into contract based agreements with their clients for the services provided. Understand from your planner, the different terms of service – for e.g., advance payments and disbursal cycles, policies and conditions for changes or cancellations, contingency handling and so on. This helps avoid surprises and unpleasant exchanges should anything go wrong.

When hiring a wedding planning company, discuss all details thoroughly. Evaluate them based on the previous work they have carried out. Ask for references, or check with friends and family who have got married recently, so that you are able to hire someone trustworthy.


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