Importance of a Steady Career for Your Life – Become a Bank Clerk!

Young people are idealistic and have high aspirations from life. Some dream of becoming stars
or artistes and taking the internet world by storm. Some dream of getting into IT or engineering
or of becoming doctors or chartered accountants or management graduates. Each of these
career lines is promising but most such jobs are in the private sector where there is no job security.

You need a steady and lucrative job if you are to put down roots, settle, marry and have a family
you can provide for. Private jobs are not without risks and insecurities that might delay your
decision to have a family. Some youth wander from one job to another and never really settle
down. This is because, as soon as you settle down and expect higher pay, there is always
someone younger willing to work more for less and the management “lets you go”. There comes
a point when you, at an advanced age, have to settle for whatever you can get. As you grow
older, the chances of landing a good job with good pay reduce. In this perspective, a bank clerk’s
job is safe and secure and allows you to settle down in life. You can only get into a bank clerk’s
job by passing the ibps bank clerk exam, a tough hurdle but not impossible. You have to study
the ibps bank clerk syllabus and know the ibps bank clerk exam pattern but it is within your

Once you are selected as a bank clerk after the ibps bank clerk exam, you are virtually set for
life. You can continue as a bank clerk and you will continue to get DA and increments. Banks give
loans on easy terms so you can buy a house or other appliances. You can have a family and raise
children and pay for their education. You can go for a vacation every other year since you
receive LTA from the bank for the entire family. No private job offers these facilities. The
working hours are regular. If you are a woman then this is important since you have to care for
your family in addition to working.

Just as important is the fact that you settle down and control costs. This means you can save for
the future too. There is peace of mind. You may be carrying out routine tasks for most of your
life but if you wish to advance, you can do so through departmental exams once you get into a
bank after the ibps bank clerk exam. Even if you do not and retire as a bank clerk, you can
always look forward to a pension that will sustain you in your old age.

Unless you have the talent to be a star, an artist or a musician, the first priority is to look for a
steady, secure job that you can get only in a bank after passing the ibps clerk exam. Once you
are settled, you can always indulge your hobbies. You do have a degree of financial
independence and a high amount of stability in life as a bank clerk. Think about it.

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