Important Of Stainless Steel Handrails

Any building regardless of size should be people friendly. But what makes such a type of structure? Simple - the presence of handrails in various important spots. Installing staircases and slopes in an office space, hospital facility, schools and other institutions need a vital component which is the hand rail. This part serves an important function of making the place safer for people with disabilities, injuries or health conditions who may have difficulty moving around.

With something to hold on to, falls and other accidents will be prevented. But other than the stairs, stand alone handrails can be installed in other types of facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes. They should be present in strategic spots most especially where patients often pass by. They can even be used in the home particularly in the bathroom above the tub or in the shower area as a safety component while you're taking a bath.

Additionally, bars can utilize this fixture as well to provide comfort to people's hands and to enhance the beauty of the area. Handrails can be installed both indoor and outdoor. When they are properly put up in different areas of the building, it's a solid proof that those behind the construction of the structure are concerned about the people coming in and out of the building. Normally, it's the contractor who has knowledge as to where to install these rails.

But for staircases and slopes, they are a must component. Stairs should be built in a sturdy way so that those who use it to go up to a higher level of the building and down will be safe. Specifications such as height of railings and treads for building stairways depend on the area where you live. They should be based on the building codes of your specific state. Handrails for adults are naturally higher than those for the kids.

Ideally, the height for a regular handrail should be at least 34 inches from the floor. It should be lower for small children which should be observed in the case of pre-schools. The pole used for the rail comes in different sizes (usually in diameter) and shapes - round, square and multi-sided. However, the round shape in the most appropriate size is still the most widely used today because they're easy to grip and comfortable to the hands.

In terms of material, the wood and stainless steel are the most preferred these days. Wood remains to be a choice of homeowners who want a classic look and feel to their residences. In the past, wood was designed very simply but through the years, it has evolved into great styles. Apart from the straight lines, it can now be designed in various shapes and texture.

The stainless steel is the common preference of those who want a more modern appeal. This material is also the most ideal for outdoor use due to its durability and ability to withstand any type of weather and even harsh chemicals. So if you want your own home to be people friendly, make sure to install handrails where needed.

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