Shotgun Safety: Basic Things Every Sportsperson Should Know

If you are a sportsperson and are planning to join the 1.5 million-strong populace with legally-owned shotguns in Great Britain, it is a must for you to know how safety should be held in prime esteem. There are certain codes that you must follow to ensure that no one is harmed -- for example, keeping shooting gears in durable Shotgun slips.

We’ve compiled some of the most important shotgun safety tips below:

In The Field

When you’re out to use your shotgun, the most important thing you need to consider is safety. To further ensure safety, bear in mind these tips:

Locating the gun’s information. Before using it in the field, it is a must to know the type of cartridge that is safe to use for your gun. You should also look for other pertinent information like your gun’s chamber length, proof marks, and gauge.

Keeping it in and carrying it out of a shotgun slip. Shotgun slips serve as the protective cases of shotguns. To make sure your gun doesn’t fall out, always see to it that your slip is fastened tightly. Should this fail, the protocol is sling it over your shoulder with the barrels down and stock up.

Before carrying it out of the slip, open it to check that it is unloaded. While checking, never point the gun in an unsafe direction.

Crossing an obstacle on your own or in company. The basic thing to keep in mind is that it’s never a good idea to carry your gun over any obstacle. You can either lean the gun with stock down and barrels up against the obstacle, or put it on the ground. Either way, make sure that cartridges are removed and muzzles aren’t pointed at you. You can retrieve your gun after climbing the obstacle

If you’re crossing with other sportsmen, one person must hold the guns while others climb over the obstacle. The guns should be passed one by one.

Shooting securely. Again, always bear in mind to never point your gun in an unsafe direction, and never shoot unless you’re certain it’s safe to do so. When shooting, be steady on your feet and make sure you can clearly see your target. It’s never advised to shoot at dense vegetations, or at any other obstructions.

In Transit

Traveling with a shotgun is another story. Keep these vital tips in mind while in transit with your shooting gear:

Be knowledgeable of the laws of your destination. Laws about carrying firearms like shotguns vary from one place to another. Don’t forget to check upon these things so you can examine if you have the necessary permits to carry your gear.

Safely pack your gun and use appropriate locks. Whether you’re traveling through land or air, it is a must to securely pack your gun and shotgun slips in a reliable protective case. Use appropriate locks to further make sure they’d be kept away from danger.

Remember: Being able to own a shotgun comes with a price. It is any sportsperson’s responsibility to know how to safely use and carry it, together with other accessories like shotgun slip, Saddle flasks, among others.
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