What are the signs of color Recycle Bins at Waste Management Geelong

The article is all about managing waste and for which the colors of the bins have been stated and what they signify. So follow the article to get a concept about it at Waste Management Geelong.

Have you ever come across the image of color recycle bins? Have you ever wondered what the different colors in the bins indicate? Well, the different colors have a meaning and many people do not bother to know about it. The article will guide you to familiarise with the different colors and the meaning it indicates at Waste Management Geelong. So just check the article to get a quick guide about it.

Blue Bin- for Paper Recycling

The materials such as paper and cardboard are made from cellulose fibers from the trees. The cellulose fibers are extracted from the trees for which a tree is required to be cut down to get the material. So a tree is cut down just to get a bunch of paper and that means the amount of oxygen supply gets reduced considerably. So indirectly you are harming the environment.

Taking that into account the concept of blue bins got evolved. In the blue bins, only office paper and clean cardboard are allowed to be disposed of. Paper can be recycled easily and for making new paper we cut a new tree. A blue bin thus plays a significant role in making new paper from the old ones. Now you might have understood what blue color on bins signifies right? From the next time, you see a blue bin outside just gather all your papers and put inside it.

Green Bin – for Organic Recycling

Our landfill does not have an adequate supply of oxygen and it is necessary to mention that the shortage of oxygen makes the organic waste to perform anaerobic decision. Anaerobic decomposition gives rise to cobra kai sense which is often regarded as methane gas. Methane being a greenhouse gas is not suitable for our environment. Also, it is more harmful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. So it is necessary to correct step towards comprising, be it the banana peel or the place cores there must be a correct place for the disposal of these organic waste.

Now you might be wondering what the things that you can place inside the green bins. As the green signifies friendly to nature, so you can dump all of the organic waste inside the bins. Organic waste like food, pruning, and vegetable cab be dumped. So being a citizen of the country you have the responsibility to make it free from pollution and so taking this small step can play a great role in the near future.

Red Bin- for Landfill Waste

Have you ever seen the landfills near your area? How rapidly they are filling up? The landfills are filled with pesticides, rotten fruits, and general waste and this is making the air around it very nastier. Gases like methane and ammonia are the main gases there and they are the most threatening gas in our environment. All these have to lead the land below it to be contaminated with harmful chemicals and cleaning products and this again leads to groundwater. There is no one to take the responsibility in the landfill to give a clear-cut solution about dump and dash. All the garbage are dumped in a place and looks like mountain piles.

Now the red bin concept has come just to treat this issue. You can put drinking glassware, pack straps, sticky tape and all in it. Apart from destroying the soil and go near a red bin to dump all these waste so that it goes to the right place for disposal at Waste Management Geelong.

Yellow Bin- For Mixed Recycling

Mixed recycling sound something odd, it doesn’t mean that everything will be recycled. Rather it is for the plastic container that is discarded from the organization. These items are used to form something new and cool items. Whether it is a backpack or a new outdoor setting with yellow recycle bin something amazing is made.

Glass bottles, clean cardboard, office paper plate can be put inside the bins.

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