Quick Guide For New Restaurateurs: How To Choose The Best Plates To Please Your Customers

The moment a customer enters a high-end restaurant, the first thing they will notice is the table arrangement. The restaurant tableware makes a big impression in their minds, even if they don’t know about it. A less than impressive display makes them wary about the quality of food, but a table setting that is too extravagant can also be overwhelming.

As a new restaurateur shopping for new restaurant supplies, keep the following tips in mind when selecting tableware:

1. The Budget

Before anything else, it is best to sit down and come up with the budget specifically for restaurant tableware. Restaurants that do not set down a budget often find themselves buying more than necessary and the extras tend to clutter the kitchen and have no use. Setting a budget and firmly sticking to it limits your choices and assures that you only buy tableware you need.

2. Average Number Of Guests

When shopping for tableware also consider how many guests your restaurant is capable of hosting every service time. Take into consideration busy days such as Valentine’s Day, New Year's, and Christmas when ordering the plates. You don’t want to end up using oddly paired plates to customers when the kitchen gets backed up with dirty dishes. And God forbid, you don't want to use dirty plates when serving the customer their meal!

3. Mix And Match Dishes

No, this does not mean using weird plates and utensils that are odd, not unless that is the theme of your restaurant. This means trying to match the overall ambiance and aesthetics of your restaurant. When shopping for restaurant supplies always have a theme in mind and stick to that idea so that every piece will complement each other.

Having a set of tableware stand out because they don’t match the room won’t work in your favor, especially if you want to impress the diners.

4. The Intended Uses

The correct type of tableware for a restaurant depends on their intended uses. The plates and utensils must match the environment and vibe of the restaurant. Using fine China for tables at a casual restaurant will not work and using low-quality plates for a fine dining restaurant is just a recipe for disaster.

If you are a family-friendly restaurant make sure to invest in child-friendly tableware because you do not want to make the mistake of giving kids a fragile plate that will crack after one hard bang of a spoon.

4. Don’t Get Too Fancy

Sometimes simplicity is the key to the best tableware. Choosing simple plates and utensils that are elegant and classy is the right way to go. These setting can be used for just about any situation and can be classed up with a few simple accessories when necessary. If you aren’t sure about which tableware to choose for your new restaurant, there is no shame is keeping it simple.

The identity of your restaurant may change and develop through the years, and it is during these years where you can explore other tableware patterns, colours, and designs.

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