How To Protect Your Farm From Rats And Other Pests

Farmers have a heavy task at hand. Whether they are growing different types of crops or raising livestock for profit, there is one common problem every farmer must deal with: pests. Crops tend to be attacked by insects and rats which can greatly affect the quality and quantity of the harvest. Livestock, on the other hand, is at risk of acquiring diseases from pests like rats who can easily contaminate their food and water.
Larger farms tend to have bigger pest problems because there is more ground to cover. Calling in pest control East London based experts is the safest and easiest way to handle the problem. However, before the pest control experts arrive, here are some ways to lessen the pest population in the farm:
#1 - Keep Everything Clean And Sterile
The first thing every farmer should do to prevent any pest infestation in their livestock barn is to keep everything clean and sterile. This means constantly cleaning up after the animals in the barn. Giving them regular baths, cleaning the area before and after each feeding is a must. If the rodents do not have a food source, they will not come.
As for grain, crop, and feed storage, the pest control North London pros will make sure to place a sterile strip to protect the source of food from pests.
#2 - Routine Pest Control
Schedule a visit from the pest control East London professionals regularly. Even if there is no sign of an infestation, their services are a must. Waiting for signs that pests have already invaded the farm is never a good idea. The sooner the pest control methods are used, the less likely an infestation will occur.
Think of their services as an investment in the farm’s health. It shouldn’t be an option, but a must to ensure proper sanitation.
#3 - Stay Organised
Another way to prevent mice, rats, and other pests to take over the farm is to limit their hiding places. Machinery left on the ground, tools inside a shed, and other forms of clutter make the perfect places for hiding and making a home. Remove these and keep the farm organised at all time to discourage pest from calling a part of your farm as their nest.
#4 - Keep It Dry
Cutting down the source of water is an easy and effective way to control the pest population in the farm. Do a sweep and check areas for leaky pipes and fix them right away. When mice and rats do not have a source of water, they will find that the farm is not the best place to form a nest. It is easy to do, plus sealing leaks will also help farms cut down on their water consumption.
Professional Assistance
The moment you detect the presence of pest, whether insects or rodents in your farm, contact the experts in pest control North London for their services. The sooner the problem is addressed, the less you will end up spending.
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