How To Choose The Best Pallets For Your Warehousing Needs

Adding pallets to a warehouse increases the amount of inventory that can be stored in one building. The pallets in Poole also make it easier to keep the warehouse organised all year round, which results in increased productivity in the workplace. There is no doubt that investing in a few pallets is a great idea for business owners, but this raises the question: what is the best pallet to use?

To answer that question and to ensure you choose the best pallets in Southampton, follow this handy guide:

Warehouse Size

The type of pallet to choose from will be limited, depending on the size of the warehouse. Smaller warehouses cannot house tall and wide pallets in Poole without compromising the space and the safety of their employees. To know which ones are best for your specific needs, take a look at the ISO suggestions for pallets in your line of business. This is the best way to know which sizes can meet your needs and also fit inside the warehouse.

Pallet Material

There are several pallets in Southampton made using different materials to choose from. Generally, steel pallets are considered the best for storing heavy objects because they can withstand a lot of weight and pressure. However, the steel material can easily bend when too much weight is placed on the pallet.

As for wood pallets, there are two main choices: soft and hardwood. Soft wood pallets are cheaper, but will also bend and even break when too much weight is placed on it. Hardwood pallets are very sturdy can withstand an amazing amount of weight without giving in, but they are also the most expensive material available.

Warehouse Budget

The amount of money your business has allocated to purchasing new pallets will affect the number of choices you have. As mentioned, steel pallets are usually strong and affordable, but if you have the extra budget and want to ensure you invest in high-quality materials, hardwood pallets are the best choice.

Rate Of Inventory Movement

Warehouses that tend to keep a lot of their inventory for a good amount of time should invest in sturdy and durable pallets to ensure they do not break under pressure. However, in small to medium-sized warehouses where the stocks are flying off the shelves, selective pallet racking might be the better and more affordable option.

New Or Used Pallets

There is nothing wrong with helping the environment by considering used pallets in lieu of new ones. Durable pallets that have been cared for and maintained properly by their previous owners will work just as well as new options. You can even earn good savings if you opt for the used pallets. However, newer ones will last longer, so they are also a good investment for bigger warehouses that can spare the budget.

There is a pallet that is perfect for your needs and your budget. Choose a premier supplier in the Poole and Southampton area to guarantee you are investing in pallets that are worth the money.
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