8 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Pest Control Company

Hiring a 24 hr pest control London based company is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Whether the services are for a residential home that has a serious infestation or for a business that requires regular pest control, there are questions that must be asked. If you are contemplating on which pest control London companies to hire for your needs, here are 8 must-ask interview questions:

1: How Long Have You Been In The Pest Control Business?

Of course, it is important to know that the company has had some years of experience under their belt. The longer they have been keeping homes and establishments pest-free, the better and more trustworthy the pest control London company usually is.

2: Can I Speak To Any References?

A pest control company that has a long list of satisfied clients is a good choice. Companies that will gladly offer a list of references usually have nothing to hide and are proud of their previous work.

3: Do You Have An Insurance Policy?

Pest control companies have full access to your house or place of business which means they can end up damaging some of the furniture inside while doing their job. Ask about their insurance policies, if damaged incurred during the pest control will be covered. A trustworthy company will be very clear about their policies to ensure customers.

4: What Are The Guarantees?

Many 24 hr pest control London companies make promises they cannot keep. Those that want to stay true to their word will guarantee a follow up in cases where the pests were not fully eradicated. Always ask about their guarantees to make sure you don’t spend money on failed promises of zero-pest after one treatment.

5: Are You Licensed?

Always ask for the exterminator’s license to make sure they are legitimate professionals. When a company is hesitant or claims that showing their license is unnecessary, you are better off hiring someone else.

6: Will You Do An Inspection Before Treatment?

A good way to find out what necessary pest treatments your home or establishment needs are to schedule an inspection. After the inspection, it is best to speak with the exterminator first before proceeding with the treatment to know exactly what you can expect after.

7: What Is The Estimate And How Close Will It Be To The Real Price?

Many people end up paying more for the pest control services because the companies provided bad estimates. Ask the company to provide a written estimate cost so that you have a comparison when the bill finally arrives.

8: Are The Treatments Pet And Human-Friendly?

Only work with companies that can guarantee your safety and the safety of your pets, if you have any. The goal is to get rid of pests like insects and rodents, not to drive you out of your house or put your lives at risk.

Don’t be afraid to ask the pest control company questions because the best ones will gladly assist you. Those that can happily answer your questions are more deserving of your trust and business. Diamond Pest Control is a trusted authority in pest control London. We offer 24 hr pest control London services to rid your home or commercial property of pests using our intensive treatments.

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