How To Properly Store Your Firewood: Here Are Some Practical Tips

Whether firewood is collected for a short camping trip or if you use it to warm up your cabin, it is important to keep it dry or else it will not light up easily. Novices tend to forget the importance of using a log drying kiln and they end up with firewood that is too moist to light up, which results in a cold and dark night in the woods.

If you’ve ever experienced the hassle of trying to light up wet firewood it’s time to learn from your mistakes. Here are practical firewood storage tips every camper and every cabin owner should take note of:

Tip #1: Know The Type Of Wood

There are two basic firewood choices: softwood and hardwood. Wood from hardwood trees are known to give off a substantial level of heat, but they are preferred by firewood users because they can last a very long time. Wood that comes from softwood trees, on the other hand, create that familiar and nostalgic crackle and pop when burning. However, their flames are usually smaller and the heat is often less intense in comparison.

Hardwood firewood also takes longer to dry. On average, hardwood will take up to 24 months to dry, but softwood firewood will typically take anywhere from 6-12 months. Plan accordingly so that you know when to start up the wood drying kiln.

Tip #2: Choose A Good Storage Location

Firewood that is kept indoors after being placed inside a log drying kiln tends to stay dry longer. This is because they are stored in an area where the temperatures are more or less the same than in outdoor storage areas. Storing the firewood inside also prevents exposure to rain and snow, which can affect their dryness.

Since not everyone has a space inside their home to store a good amount of firewood, having a storage shed for the logs is also a good option.

Tip #3: Avoid The Ground At All Cost

No matter how good and how heavy duty the wood drying kiln may be, it will be useless if the dried logs are placed on the ground. No matter how dry the bare ground may look, there is always a certain amount of moisture in it, which the logs will absorb when they are placed directly on top of the ground.

Avoid the troubles of early wood rot by putting a barrier between the ground and the logs. Simple and affordable solutions like a treated 4x4 board will do the trick nicely.

Tip #4: Don’t Seal It

Whether you choose to store the firewood indoors and outdoors, a tarp or firewood cover is a must. However, these covers should only be draped over the logs and should never be air-tight. The wood should breathe and be exposed to air to prevent any harmful moisture buildup. Leave the side and as well as the ends of the tarp mostly free.

Keep firewood dry by storing them properly. As long as they the wood is kept dry and free of insects and molds, they can last a very long time in storage.
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