Crete Travel Guide: The People, Food, And Art

If you are going for Crete tours, you should take a note of a lot of things. Knowing when to go can help you avoid any unnecessary hassles that you may run into on specific times of the year. You will also find out what to see and what the best activities are in the area by reading below.

Before anything else, it is important that you prepare yourself for a place with rich cuisine and almost dreamlike villages. A lot of people tend to get overwhelmed by these which causes them to try and experience everything. This is not the right approach because you are ultimately going to miss out on many things if you try to force the issue.

The Food

Do you consider yourself a foodie? Crete is considered one of the top places if you love food. There are many rural tavernas that you are going to encounter where they serve a variety of meat, cheese, and wine. Raki is a bit of a staple in the area along with the seafood that they serve. You can follow a gourmet trail while enjoying the scenery of your Crete tours.

If you are worried about leaving as an unhealthy version of yourself after trying out the food, fret not. Crete is a place of healthy cuisine which has garnered them popularity among travel circles where a healthy diet is prioritized.


The people of Crete are very unique. They possess wonderful customs with time-honored traditions being at the top of the list. Music is definitely a deep part of the culture in Crete. If you are just trying to relax and unwind, you can go to coffee houses which are called kafeneia.

At a kafeneia, it will be easier for you to mingle with locals. You can ask them questions about Crete tours so you find out where the locals love to go and which places you should avoid. Depending on the time of the year, there may be certain places which can be considered tourist traps.

The Art

When art is brought up along with tourism, you may conjure images of walking along galleries and museum. In Crete, there definitely is a museum but it is an archaeological one. You can observe the civilization of the Cretes so you can immerse yourself back to Neolithic times.

Art isn’t going to be restricted in one place, because there’s plenty of art to be experienced as you roam around the marvelous streets of Crete. To fully enjoy and experience Crete, you should consider preparing a sizeable budget for transportation so you can roam around faster.

The Stay

Staying for Crete tours isn’t as costly as you may think. The daily budget may be more than you prepare for considering the size of the area, but it definitely is worth it. There are many hostels that you can stay in as well as hotels with tremendous service.
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