My Andaman Travel Experience with Funstay

My Andaman Travel Experience with Funstay

This is my first-time visit to Andaman in Cruise with 7 days 6 nights Andaman tour package from Funstay and I just imagined the different spots of Andaman while traveling. When I landed, the sight that greeted me was better than what my imagination could have pictured.

A vast stretch of warm yellow sand fringed with green towering trees invited me in. Nothing can stop a human being when nature beckons with such force and I was no exception. On a whim, I take off my shoes and started running towards the beach along the tree line. It was still early morning because the ferry reaches Port Blair at 6 in the morning and the first light of the day brought everything to greater perception.

Now, there are lots of things you can do at Havelock, you can enjoy the buttery yellow sunshine and listen to the hymn of the sea and occasionally, you might witness the spectacle of elephants working in the forests adjoining the beaches as the island is logged using elephants.

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There are around 10 registered diving spots around the island and an enthusiast can dive to the bottom of the sea with qualified instructors having paid only about 3,500 bucks. Seduction Point, a center for scuba diving in Andaman

We have all heard and read of the reef fringes of Andaman back in school and a few of us have regularly sighed over pictures in travel magazines but the real experience truly is enigmatic. Seduction Point, a center for Scuba diving in Andaman and it offers a list spots to dive for adventure travelers.

For tourists like me, who spent their time trudging themselves to work every morning and led a monotonous life this is a welcome break! I felt as if I was in one of Wess Anderson's movies and believe me, Andaman's sightseeing spots, golden beaches fringed by green trees would have been a perfect location.

Port Blair, a tourist spots resemble the freedom fighters moments with a sound light show on every evening. If you manage to lose sight of the ocean, it looks like any other small town in mainland Indian. However, the town is steeped in history and a visit to Andaman is incomplete without a visit to the Cellular Jail. The small, dark cells, actually do their job and images flash behind your lids of the pitiful prisoner that were housed there. The dark corridors and the menacing scratches on the wall still well preserved makes one cringe.

I boarded the ferry in the evening again to get back to Port Blair and the ancient radio in the ferry crackled to life:

" Sad to say I'm on my way,

Won't be back for many a days'

My heart is down my head is turning around,

But I am leaving with awesome memories,

Thanks to Funstay for arranging this Wow Andaman trip,

I smiled to myself as I started out at the now darkening ocean, I definitely could not have come up with a better farewell.

If you want to end your trip on a lighter note, I suggest you visit the Mini Zoo a medium size zoo containing some species only found on the islands. which is now shifted to its new place at Chidiya Tapu.

On the whole, a trip to the Andaman Islands is like a trip to a salt water heaven.


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