Tips to Keep Children Busy and Entertained During the Travel

We all are familiar with the fact that children easily get exhausted and bored, while travelling, especially during the long-hauled flights. From a baby screaming in the row before you on the plane, to the exhausted voices of “after how many minutes we will land?”, all of us come across with such questions and voices from small children. I was always wondering that what the parents can actually do to ease the boredom of their kids during the travel. This article is going to suggest you some good ideas to entertain your child and keep him busy during the flight.

One of the foremost tips is to not involve children in the activities which can make them tired. Try to avoid the hassle of on-site airport car parking when travelling with your kids, as it can make them frustrated right from the start of the travel. Pre-book our meet and greet Luton airport parking so that you do not need to walk a long distance with your small children from the parking spot to the check-in area.

Before the flight, provide your children with a small amount of money and let them purchase things for them at the terminal or service station. Kids really enjoy when they are allowed to purchase things on their own. It can be helpful to give a joyful start to your journey.

When going to start a long journey, keep a large collection of toys for your baby. Divide the toys in separate bags, take breaks after a couple of hours and engage your s child towards some other activity like eating something or drawing with crayons or color pencils. After some time, swap the bag of the toys so that the excitement of a new bag of toys after every few hours keeps them excited and engaged for longer.

While travelling by plane, try to take the flight during the night time as it increases the chances to sleep and helps to regulate your baby sleeping pattern normally. Change the children into comfortable night attire like pajamas during the night hours. This will help them to perceive that its the nighttime and they need to sleep.

During the long-hauled flight, avoid food and drinks high in sugar as much as possible. Prefer to bring snacks to give them at intervals instead of depending completely on the airline food.

During the flight try to communicate with your child as much as possible. Converse with him about his favorite game, cartoon character, food, toys really help them to keep calm and composed.

Download favorite cartoons, songs for your child on iPad or tablet. When you feel that your baby is getting bored and looking uneasy and frustrated, show him cartoons and songs to divert his attention. Do not forget to bring headphones, as it will prevent the other passengers getting irritated while your child is repeatedly listening to the same musical poem or cartoon.

Try to keep the children in the loop by letting them know that that far we are from the destination and how much more time they need to spend in the plane. Show them the interactive plane map during the flight. Never draw their attention towards the fact that it’s a long flight, as it may bring out uneasiness and frustration among them.

Some extra tips that can really make your trip joyful includes

  • Avoiding the travel during the peak holiday season or days
  • Continuously communicate with your children about the destination plans, accommodation, and activities at the holiday spot
  • Drink plenty of water during the flight
  • Pre-book your place for Luton airport parking to give a stress-free start to your journey
  • Bringing first aid medication can really help you while travelling

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