Top Website Design Myths You Should Ignore

Everyone has their opinion about Website design some of them could be positive while others are just the opposite and negative. Most of these negative opinions come out the myths which you need to ignore if you want to create an impactful well- designed website. It has seen that 80 per cent of shoppers conducts an online research before buying a product. During this time they come across several myths that can influence their decision-making.

Top myths about web design you should ignore to survive in the present market.

You do not need to change your website

One of the most common mistakes people make is assuming that they do not need to make changes to their websites which is far from the truth. They think their job is complete once they are done with the website. The process of website building should be ongoing: You should keep updating, innovating and expanding. You need to keep in mind that your work starts with the launch of your website not end with it. You should keep looking for suitable options to improve your website, turning it into a powerful tool.

Your content can wait

The second most famous myth about website design is your content can wait. The content of your website is as important as the designs. There are always seeker who keep looking for the quality content to enhance their knowledge if your website can do that then they will keep coming back for more. In addition, the Google keep looking for the sites with quality content so, no matter how good looking your website is if you do not have a quality content then you can never rank on search engine results.

White space is not necessary

It is not bad to add a bit of white space in your website. You do not want to squeeze everything into one page right? The white space gives the visual breaks to the viewer to process the information written on the website. If you are not sure how to use the white space then talk to your Qdexi web designer and consider their advice.

The homepage is the only page that matter

For a long time ago, people use to think that the home page is the only page that matters. The time changed but people do not, most of them still think that homepage still serves as the main directly which is not the case anymore. The way you run a search has changed, now you can open a product page directly through a link missing your precious homepage fully. So, let’s get one thing straight: In compare to other website pages the homepage is not as important.

The Good website is expensive

A lot of people still believes that good thing comes expensive which is not necessary. Qdexi Technology offers the affordable website designing packages to business owners with fixed budgets. Now you do not have to pay extra to create a good looking and goal-oriented website.

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