7 Signs Your AC At The Office Needs Some TLC

Wherever you work, you’ll find out quickly that the AC is one of the most instrumental things that can definitely increase or decrease the productivity of one employee. When you feel uncomfortable due to lack of Air Conditioning Maintenance Orpington, you’re going to be less likely to feel motivated and focus for your work. Imagine that tenfold for other employees.
It’s incredibly important for any facility, especially offices, to maintain their AC. Before anyone even feels that uncomfortable warmth, things should already be prepared to be addressed. The lack of AC maintenance can cause a domino effect on the productivity of everyone in the office. At the very worst, it can cause a person’s health condition to become even worse.
Fortunately, it’s very easy to spot the many signs that the AC in your office needs to professional Air Conditioning Repair Tunbridge Wells or at least some TLC. You can take note of the 7 most common signs below and what you can do to address the issues as soon as possible.
Moisture Buildup
The moisture levels of your AC should be kept to a comfortable level. Not only is this healthy for everyone in the office, it’s also important since indoor air quality can be incredibly detrimental to the productivity of every employee if kept to a subpar level. You will feel that the office is sticky and humid. If this is the case, then it may be time to recalibrate the cooling system itself.
Sudden Increase in Utility Charges
When maintaining a business, you’re definitely going to look at the numbers more often than not. The most important numbers will be the green ones: money. If you want to keep the office afloat, then you want to minimise the utility charges as much as you can without affecting the productivity of everyone that works there.
When you have an AC unit that is performing at a level below of what it used to before, then you may find yourself bumping up the settings just to make up for the lack of coldness that you may be feeling while inside. If this is the case, then you will be expecting an increased utility charge. If the increase is sudden and out of nowhere, then you definitely need to replace the AC unit.
Reduced Airflow and Grinding Noise
As stated many times, productivity is the most important thing that you want to maintain in an office environment. Imagine an office where you constantly hear the grinding of the broken AC unit partnered with the reduced airflow due to clogged vents. These two together will be a recipe for disaster. Make sure that you address both by replacing the compressor.
Leaking Water
In an office environment, you’re going to be using many electronics and battery powered devices. That’s why it’s important that you keep an eye on leaks, especially from the AC unit. One drop to the wrong spot and you might experience office downtime.
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