A Brief History Of Film Cranes

That iconic wide-angled shot that pans out as the movie either begins or ends is a vision that almost every novice filmmaker has in their head. The sweeping view that starts at the bottom and slowly rises to give the viewers a scenic shot is only made possible with the use of specific cameras. film crane rental used to be the go-to for these shots, but today with the availability of drone technology film crane hire numbers are gradually dipping.
How did the use of film cranes start and is it really becoming obsolete? Here are some facts every potential filmmaker should know about the past, present, and future of using film cranes:
The Past
In the early days of cinematography, cameras already had the ability to move and record the actors’ movements although it can hardly be noticed. The cameras back in the day were only capable of moving in certain angles and directions, such as to catch the rays of the sun. Back then, camera movement was a breakthrough because most films were still recorded using stationary equipment.
Evolution Of Camera Movement
Limited movement was no issue because most of the films were shot indoors and were intently focused on the actors. It was when the trend of shooting in outdoor locations where film crane rental saw its first peak in the movie industry.
The use of cranes was very popular during the 1920’s where larger movie sets were being used by filmmakers as more directors started to explore the world beyond stationary cameras. Due to their bravery, film crane hire is still a lucrative business that many filmmakers rely on to provide their movie with a spectacular shot that can make or break the entire film.
Present Day Film Crane Use
There is no denying that the use of film cranes has helped the entire movie industry move forward and allowed filmmakers to explore the world beyond a staged film set. In fact, thanks to the crane’s fluid movement and height advantage audiences are able to see and experience sights that otherwise they would never see in real life.
The unique perspective offered by the film crane is very powerful because it can provide audiences insight into the movie that the main character does not. With a wide view, there is so much to take in that while the shot is giving a full picture it may still be hard to predict the plot of the movie.
Challenges Today
As mentioned before, film cranes are falling out of fashion especially with younger and independent filmmakers because of camera drones. Sure, the drones are fun to operate and can reach heights that a crane cannot, but many are still very unstable and do not provide the ultimate shot needed for a scenic view.
While some may start to explore the usefulness of drones in their movies, there is no denying that when it comes to professionally recorded wide scenes, the film crane is still the choice. The steadiness, clarity, and all around high-quality shots from a crane is still unbeatable today.
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