How I spend 12 hours layover in Toronto

How I spend 12 hours layover in Toronto

I stormed the internet, surfing the best ways to get to a new destination and to my surprise I unveiled different ways to explore two cities at the cost of one flight ticket. So, on my way to Copenhagen, I book a 12-hour layover flight ticket to Toronto, and it was all worth it.

The tourist attractions in this city are an abundance. You can find all kind of hotspots that are suitable for all kind of travelers. This city in Ontario offers a mix of thriving sights like the Entertainment District which features people performing out in the streets, jiving to beautiful music. Toronto is also famous for the CN Tower that stands at a staggering height of 553-meter.

So, for my 12-hour layover, I made a list to cheap flights to Toronto a few neighborhoods that will offer me a virtual treat. From Toronto Pearson International Airport, I boarded the UP Express train to downtown, Union Station. Since I had a lot of time in the city, I decided to explore by walking around. Here is what I discovered during my time in Toronto.

Old Toronto

I got down at the Union Station, and I walked my way to the old district of Toronto. This neighborhood has a bag full of historical treats, so make sure to keep your camera close to you, you never know what inspiration kicks in. Flatiron (Gooderham) Building was a treat to the eye. This historical site is a red-brick built structure, and it oozes an iconic vibe. I also walked past the world’s iconic market, St. Lawrence in search for food.

I sat at the outdoor sitting area and chewed the fresh fruits. The Cathedral Church of St. James is also an attraction worth seeing, it is adorned with intricate design and gives a spiritual feel inside. Make sure to also stop by the Sculpture Garden in Toronto. It possesses beautiful 1981 sculpture inside the quaint urban park. To end things for the better, the old district is blessed with lovely attractions; sadly, I couldn’t explore more due to time constraint.

Entertainment District

Returning back to the Union Station, I decided to head down to the Entertainment District as well, and I am glad to have made this decision. This part of the city is buzzing with nightclubs and luxurious hotels. In my opinion, this area is fun only after sunset, however, even the afternoon was pleasant to walk around and gulp best street food I’ve eaten so far. While walking in this happening district, you can rubberneck around some cool wall graphite, amazing artwork.

The tall neck straining grey buildings are also a fantastic sight not to miss. I may not have time to experience the Toronto nightlife, but I have already made a list on what to see and eat the next time to come here. You can also join me and make a list of places to eat. Most of the locals suggest Brassaii as a one-stop eatery destination for quick brunch. The Le Select Bistro is also an amazing dining venue where you can savor classic French cuisine.

Heading back to the Union Station, I felt sluggish and weary from all the walking and exploring, but I felt so great to have explored this Canadian city of Toronto. You too can try this concept by booking cheap flights to Toronto or anywhere and explore two destinations at the cost of one.

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