Social Development Milestones for Toddlers

With the blink of an eye, your baby has grown from rolling over, to sitting up, to running and walking. Now, the time has come for your little one to master many other milestones, which will ultimately lay the foundation of his future. During this year, your child will be curious to learn, to discover, and most importantly to make new friends.

Studies have shown that toddlers are lively and engaged learners. Their understanding of the world continues to blossom and their knowledge expands through everyday experiences. Social milestones of toddlers, be at home or at a play school, revolves around play, interaction and communication with others, thus it’s important for parents to understand its impact on the overall mental and social development of children.

Social Development in Young Children

Interactions with parents are the first type of conversations children experience. Healthy and positive conversations create a bond of love and togetherness between a parent and a child. Expressions such as facial gestures, movements and verbal interactions play an extremely important role in determining the relationship shared by parents and their children. Studies have shown that children who share a sense of attachment with their parents are more likely to develop a positive social behavior while dealing with people in their social circle.

Today, with an increasing number of children going to play schools and day-care centers, it’s the responsibility of teachers of the best play school and caregivers to impart lessons that foster social behavior in children. Since, the teacher-child relationship is an extension of the parent-child relationship; teachers must put additional efforts in building social qualities in children. They must plan lessons that give kids opportunities to learn and explore new things on their own, such as getting dressed, washing their hands, or brushing teeth, etc. such habits surely go a long way in making children feel independent, thus making them behave in a socially acceptable manner.

Not only this, children also learn to cooperate with others, get mingled and play with them. The new relationships and bonds created by the children at this stage serve as a great confidence booster for them. They gain a sense of satisfaction which empowers them to achieve major social goals through the rest of their life.

Enhancing Positive Social Growth

So, what parents and teachers can do to foster a positive social growth in children? Give children plenty of chances to be active learning and imaginative play. Remember, a 3 years child does not learn merely through sitting and having someone just talking to him. He will only learn through hands-on experiences and engaging outdoor activities. Parents and teachers must encourage children to share their thoughts with their friends. Teachers in the best play school in Gurgaon, allow kids to participate in activities such as circle time, storytelling, nature walk, etc. to improve their social skills and verbal proficiency.  Children learn so much by communicating and interacting with others. The results are clearly visible in their behavior, attitude and how they talk to others.

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