Avantika University: Spearheading the Education Foundation in Ujjain

India is one of the unique countries in the world, thanks to its expansive and intricate practices and customs that have remained relevant since the last 5000 years. A springboard of culture, flavours, religions, landscapes and practices, India has always been one of the few countries that showcased something that was always considered eccentric and interesting. Amidst this amalgamation, however, one facet has continuously thrived to be at the centre of all the developments - education.

Education is one of the strongholds of the country today, thanks to the importance that is given to it. Since the ancient gurukul way of learning, India has relied on education for foundation and sustenance, wherein it stressed on moulding one's creative, analytical, critical and physical attributes. With widespread relevance towards education, India has always adapted to various trends & technologies seamlessly without giving rise to any conflict. Various learning centres across the country at Nalanda, Takshashila, Benaras and Ujjain called out people from across the world to expand their learning, making India one of the finest educational hubs in the world.

Among the aforementioned places, one can clearly see Ujjain still being relevant in the education sector. Having played a major role in the education landscape in multiple domains, the place was home to various renowned poets including the likes of Kalidas, Philosopher Maharishi Ved Vyas and Guru’s Guru Sandipani. Inculcating a liberal way of thinking, the city has continued to be an important spiritual, educational, and cultural city of the nation. Thanks to this notion, Ujjain is now home to one of the finest design college in India, the Avantika University.

Avantika University proudly attests itself as India's first Design Centred university that thrives on the spirit of Design Thinking. With a unique academic model that amalgamates design, technology and economics, Avantika is poised to provide the best design courses in the country, to create aspiring design leaders. Students of the University will have the privilege of reinventing themselves with a curriculum that offers extensive learning opportunities and unique resources. The institute also has impeccable world class residential facilities, digital libraries, knowledge centres, and indoor and outdoor sports facilities, making it one of the finest learning centers of modern times.

Avantika University offers the students freedom to interact and collaborate with faculty members without being restricted to the boundaries of the classroom. By being associated with the highly prestigious Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) Pune, Avantika University is on the path to becoming one of the finest design university in India that charts out the best plausible path for its students to join the dynamic professional world.

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