What Are Some Of The Key Courses Taught At SIG Pune?

The Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics is one of the most highly regarded colleges for top-of-the-class education and training in geospatial technologies. The institute aims to develop and nurture high-quality professionals who are equipped with cutting-edge knowledge. Along with an incredible record of 100% placements each year since inception, the institute is also widely regarded as one of the best places to get an Mtech in Geoinformatics from. Read on ahead to know more about SIG Pune!

To begin with, let us get a clearer understanding of the postgraduate course in Geoinformatics offered here. This course essentially comprises of 100 credits and is spread across a period of 4 semesters. Along with a Symbiosis International University degree, the course comprises of two key projects. One of the main reasons why this course is highly useful is primarily because of the fields which are directly or indirectly dependent upon the knowledge offered by Geoinformatics. These fields include areas such as Urban Planning; Land Use Management; Navigation Systems; Public Health; Environmental Modelling and Analysis; Military Transport; Network Planning and Management; Agriculture; Meteorology and Climate Change; Oceanography and Atmosphere Modelling; Business Location Planning; Architecture and Archaeological Reconstruction; Telecommunications, Criminology and Crime Situation; Business Management; Aviation and Maritime Transport.

The field of Geoinformatics is fast gaining rapid acceptance all across the world as a tool for supporting business and government decision making. Since this domain of expertise is highly dependent upon high-quality insights and inputs from qualified professionals, the course is open to accepting applications coming from students of Engineering, Science, Geography, Geology, Agriculture, Environment, Forestry Engineering, IT, as well as Computer Sciences.

Going along with Geoinformatics is the study of Remote Sensing. This is taught as a part of a specialized certification course for interested students. Remote Sensing is essentially the science of collecting information about objects or areas from a distance. This is usually done with the help of aerial imaging techniques via aircraft or satellites.

In order to create an effective curriculum that the students can benefit from, Symbiosis introduced the certificate programme in Digital Photogrammetric Mapping and Mtech in Remote Sensing in order to meet the demand for trained professional human resources. The idea behind the inception of this programme was to help develop plug and play manpower for the photogrammetric mapping industry. The course thus created was specially and specifically designed by competent industry professionals looking to incorporate the quality and standards desired and sought by mapping companies.

With this, we hope to have given you a thorough overview of the key courses you can find at SIG Pune. We wish you the very best of luck for your future career!

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