Low Budget Digital Marketing Strategy

The growing competition in the market today is making it increasingly difficult for brands to stand apart and attract customers.

Digital marketing refers to advertising and promoting products and services through digital technology. An effective digital marketing strategy lets a brand engage with a wide range of audience and establish itself in the market. Small businesses with a tight budget can also reap the benefits of productive digital marketing and create a robust online presence.

The first step to develop a robust marketing strategy is to identify the target audience and define the goals of the business. According to Digital Marketing Agencies in Delhi, Keeping the audience and objectives in mind, the strategy can focus on:

E-Mail Marketing

It is one of the easiest and effective ways to build relationships over time and keep in touch with the target customers. It helps in building confidence and gets direct access to your targets affordably.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a bit complicated, and time-consuming process but is critical to ensure that the website is visible to the potential consumers. Along with the right keywords, building backlinks is also an important step to optimise the site and increase conversion rates. One can take assistance from professional companies providing Digital Marketing Services in Delhi.


Business blogs not only provide information and updates about the products and services offered but also encourages interaction with the potential customers in the form of comments and feedback. It builds trust and creates a brand position in the market.

Social Media

Marketing on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. gives rich dividends to advertisers. They require quite a lot of time and effort but help to increase the engagement of your product by discussing, answering, and tweeting opinions on your product.

Local Celebrity Marketing

Feedback or excellent review from a local celebrity might be a great way to attract attention. These celebs might be unsung heroes who have remarkable achievements and be an inspiration for people. Their opinions can be used as quality blog content.

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