Difficulties in International SEO

SEO not only improves the ranking of the website in search engines, but it also enhances the credibility and authority of the brand in the market. Optimizing the content in itself is a difficult enough job, and if we talk about international SEO, the task becomes all the more complicated. People in different geographical locations with different languages and cultures often behave and think differently. Little details matter and additionally, what works in one country might not necessarily work for another. Therefore optimizing the content for a diverse range of people requires careful planning. You can choose to hire SEO services in Delhi for optimizing your content for the global audience.

Few of the problems faced by companies with global websites are listed as follows:

Language Complexity
One size fits all strategy often fails when it comes to creating websites for audiences across different languages. Translating the language with the translator is often riddled with grammatical and contextual mistakes. Such content often fails to engage the audience. But there is no need to build different websites for different languages. Just map the appropriate language for each country. An SEO company in Delhi should choose the language according to the goals and priority target market of the business. A local agency or a native should be hired to create content that works.

Geographical Complexity
Targeting the sites for local market becomes difficult. Having a ‘.com’ in the site address instead of ‘.in’ or ‘.uk’ gives the address a truly global feel. Using the local language tags also might not be a good idea as even the experts in the field are known to get it wrong. Google doesn’t make use of these language and country tags in meta tags. Ranking in Google should be less of a concern for the brand. It is more important to ensure that the right pages are being displayed for a query.

Organizational Complexities
Building many global websites involves managing these websites too. This has to be done on your own or through the local agencies or by hiring an in-house team. Not only is this a costly exercise but is time-consuming and stressful too. One way to make the task easier for you is to hire the local digital marketing agency in the area and delegate the responsibility of maintaining the native website to them.

Technical Glitches
When a single URL is used for two or more language translations for a single page, this confuses the search engines. This dilutes the inbound links to your page, and the language that will be displayed depends upon the last native visitor. Many global websites end up with loads of errors in XML sitemap, and search engines like Google completely ignore this kind of website.

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