How To Achieve A Minimalist But Luxurious Interiors

Gone are the days where homeowners collected trinkets that could fill up several rooms in their house. Modern homes today look like they are from a futurist catalog where the walls are crisp and clean and the furniture is very minimal if any. Cutting down on useless or single-purpose furniture has become the latest design trend and everyone is following suit.

The custom home builders Scottsdale AZ professionals are now getting more and more requests from homeowners who want to build a minimalist paradise. While people want to have a home that looks neat and minimalist, many still refuse to give up the many luxuries of life. Here are some tips that will help you find the balance between minimalism that also exudes luxury:

1 - Stick To A Neutral Color Palette

A house that uses too many bold and bright colors often looks cluttered and disorganized. The secret of the best custom home builders Scottsdale AZ residents trust is their advice to keep the color choices to neutral tones. This doesn’t mean sticking to bland options like white or beige, greys are also excellent and classy when it comes to adding accents to a minimalist home.

2 - Choose High-Quality And Timeless Pieces

Picking out the latest sofa or chair design trend is seen as adventurous and also extravagant. The downside to these trends is that they fade away after a few seasons and they become outdated. Homeowners are better off choosing no-nonsense high-quality furniture pieces that will stand the test of time. Surely there will be several options that will go beautifully with your neutral color palette.

3 - Make Some Room

Minimalism is only achieved through decluttering and making some room. Homes that have fully stocked shelves tend to look overcrowded, cramped, and cluttered. Take everything down from the shelves and separate the items into things that you need and those that you don’t. Only put back the necessities in the shelf and make sure to leave spaces in between these objects. The small space in between can make the entire room feel and look bigger, which is a major accomplishment for minimalists.

4 - Less Is Always More

Instead of buying several pieces of appliances for the home, invest in those that offer more than one use, if possible. The fewer appliances you have at home, the more free space there is and gives you the feeling of being in a large room. Buy appliances that are known to last so that you don’t have to constantly replace them when they malfunction.

5 - Let The Light In

Natural light does miracles to a small room. Get thin linen curtains to help brighten up the room and make the space you have look very clean, comfortable, and lavish.

The minimalist lifestyle can be hard to emulate, but keeping your new home clean and free of clutter is an excellent way to maintain the look. Minimalism can also be extravagant and lavish, you just have to invest in all the right accessories, furniture, and appliances.

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