7 Tips To Avoid Back Pain When Playing Golf

Golf is an enjoyable activity and people can play it for hours on end. However, though it is not as demanding as other sports, golf can still cause problems for your body. This is mainly in the form of lower back pain. This is because when you’re doing your swing, the strain is in your spine. Back pain is just one of the signs of this.

If you love playing golf and don’t love the pain, here are a few tips that can help you avoid hurting your back.

Use The Cart

One of the best ways to avoid hurting your back is to reduce the strain on it. When you are marching out on the golf course, you are carrying a lot of golf clubs. Shouldering all of that can be quite heavy. Instead of walking around the green, why not hire an Electric trolley or a rent a golf cart for your game. This reduces the stress of carrying anything and it lets you rest a bit.

Perfect Posture

Lower back pain can come from a lot of strain in your lower back. This can come from not standing properly. Improper posture can lead to a pain. The key thing to remember is to have a neutral spine, neither leaning forward or backward too much. When swinging, you should maintain this position by leading with your hip.

Practice The Swing

The main culprit for back pain in golf is the swing. A swing can deliver a lot of power to the ball but can hurt your lower back if not done properly. Your aim is to swing perfectly, letting it be smoothly balanced so that it doesn’t strain your body badly.

Exercise Regularly

One of the key sources of back pain is that your back muscles are not strong enough to support your body. This is why they are strained so much. Proper exercise can help ensure that your muscles are strong enough to handle the strain. Regular exercise can build up the strength of your abdomen and lower back so that it won’t hurt when you swing. Even basic stretching can help with improving your muscles for handling the strain.

Proper Nutrition

Exercise alone is not enough though. To stay fit, you’re going to need to eat the right stuff. Proper nutrients can help ensure that your muscles are strong and resilient. Plus, some nutritional supplements can give your body a boost so that it performs better than expected.

Start With Warm-ups

Before you go out on the green, you might want to do a few warm-up exercises. Stretches are all you need to get your body in the right condition for playing golf. Focus on the shoulder and torso muscles, as well as the hips and the hamstrings. This ensures your body is ready for the sudden swings you’ll be doing.

Recover Properly

After a game, you need to rest your body. This lets it recover from the strain so that in the next game it is in great condition. Sleep properly and have a massage after a game so that your body cools down and rests.
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