Tree Surgeon vs Arborist: What's The Difference?

As a homeowner, there are times when you need some work done on your property. One possible concern would be trees that could be getting big or need some maintenance. The big question that people ask is whether to contact arborists or tree surgeons Maidstone. Though the two seem outwardly similar, they have their own purpose and do their own jobs.

If you want to know who to take the job to, you need to know their differences and what they can do. Here’s a brief primer on what they are and who you should call when you need a particular job done.


Let’s start with arborists. Arborists are technically tree doctors. They can come on to your property and look over your trees and see what’s wrong with them. For some of the most resilient living beings on the planet, trees can be pretty fragile when it comes to disease. An arborist can look at a tree, identify what is wrong with it, then recommend a method of treatment.

The ecology of trees can get complicated and it includes all plants in general. An arborist is not just there for your trees though. They’re there to look over the landscape and how the plant and animal life can interact with each other. This includes small insects and other parts of the landscape. They also check out other environmental factors like the soil and more. Ensuring that the ecology is balanced and perfect for trees is the job is the arborist.

Arborists also differ when it comes to training. They usually have a degree in horticulture as well as landscape design. They have certification options available and undergo special training. They are qualified to trim trees but not as extensively as tree surgeons.

Tree Surgeons

Tree surgeons Maidstone are the specialists when it comes to trimming and cutting trees. They also specialize in pruning, felling, and stump removal. Though it sounds like something that anyone can do, that could be said also for medical surgeons. Tree surgeons have received training and experience to do the job safely and cleanly.

A good tree surgeon should be able to do all the required tree tasks without much trouble. They are all dangerous and can potentially cause accidents though so it is not recommended that amateurs do them. For example, cutting down a tree is a precision job. You don’t want it to just fall down anywhere. Cutting branches is similar and a lot can go wrong if a professional is not doing the job.

Knowing Who To Call

When it comes to knowing who to call, it comes down to exactly what you need. An arborist should be called in if you want a general assessment of tree health and recommendations on what to do. They can also advise on what trees to grow in your yard. Tree surgeons are there for special procedures that you know need to be done like pruning branches or tree removal. Arborists and tree surgeons usually work closely together so calling for both is not an unreasonable choice.

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