Why Studying in Dehradun is the Best Option

Dehradun is famous for its world-class educational institutes which attract students from all over the world. While traveling within the city and the outskirts one is bound to come across a large number of schools and colleges. The town has maintained its reputation of providing quality education in the schools and has also shown growth in the higher education realm. Be it engineering, management, medical, law or any other field of one’s choice, Dehradun has an institute ready for you in its arsenal.

Apart from this, the town also provides a large number and variety of institutes that help you polish a skill set required to get a government job or pass an entrance examination for your higher studies. Being prone to having students around, Dehradun has adopted a lifestyle that is student friendly in nature. The institutes are built at locations where you won’t be disturbed by the noise from the traffic. The people are friendly and supportive in many ways, so if you are thinking to pursue your higher education Dehradun has a lot to offer you.

• Institutes: There are immense educational opportunities and Dehradun has some of the finest institutes imparting quality education in the field of engineering, management, pharmacy, law, medical etc. According to a recent survey it was discovered that in the last decade the number of engineering and management institutes has increased threefold. The success of these institutions can be judged by the achievements of the students, those who have completed their education as well as the students who are still studying.

• Growth in Every Field:  Apart from the basic study module of your subject, the institutes provide with a lot of extracurricular and co-curricular activities which happen inside as well as outside your campus. Also, there are a lot of special hobby training centers in the city where you can learn a new hobby and/or polish your talent.

• Social Gatherings:  Having a lot of students around, Dehradun has a lot of youngsters who have discovered new and productive ways of socializing. There are a lot of groups and NGOs formed and managed by students who have taken it as their social responsibility to make the city grow and develop in a healthy and beautiful way. All are welcomed to join these groups where you’ll get all the exposure needed to develop your personality.

• Health & Wellbeing: Dehradun has some of the well-reputed hospitals which provide world-class medical facilities if and when needed. Also, there are a lot of health and fitness centers for people who like and want to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Gyms, yoga classes, martial art classes or sports clubs whichever type of fitness activity you want, Dehradun has something to fulfill your need.

• Food Habits: When it comes to food, Dehradun has some unique food habits. To cater to a large variety of people and their food choices you’ll find almost all of the cuisines in most of the restaurants also you’ll find fast food joints at every nook and corner of the city which provide a variety of snacks.

• Accommodation: Since there are a lot of educational institutes in the city the locals have devised a way to get some extra income by accommodating students in their PG hostels at reasonable rents. You’ll find hostels, PG accommodations, independent rental flats and houses near any institutes easily. Also, the locals provide you with tiffin services for all the three meals of the day.

• Recreation: Being a young city Dehradun has a lot of hanging out spots for you to enjoy and take a break from your hectic schedule. You can find a lot of hangout joints within the city as the most famous Rajpur road is commonplace to find them. The queen of hills Mussoorie is a just 30minutes bike ride away from the city which is a tourist destination and hence has a lot of exciting places to go to, Rishikesh which is again a tourist destination famous for its water sports activities is also not very far from the city.

Dehradun is call capital of Education in Uttarakhand, India. There is placed several schools, colleges, Organizations for technical or non-technical programs. Like Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions is the best to provides higher education.

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