What Type of Zinc Supplement Is Most Recommended?

What Type of Zinc Supplement Is Most Recommended?

Who should take zinc supplements? While it’s always best to take a supplement under the guidance of a doctor, many people can safely take these supplements. These supplements are especially useful for vegans as meat contains a lot of bioavailable zinc. Here I am going to show you some of the best zinc supplements, what benefits they provide and why you should purchase them.

Chelated — Best Form of Zinc Supplement

The best way to consume zinc in your daily diet is to convert zinc into chelated form. Your body cannot digest zinc as it is. We need to digest it as it plays an important role in human health. Often zinc is chelated with different amino acids which are organic to make it more bioavailable.

Below are some chelated zinc supplements you can find in the market.

Types of Chelated Zinc Supplement

Zinc Orotate

According to Global Healing, it is the most readily absorbed best form of Zinc Supplement in the market right now. It is made by binding zinc to orotic acid.

Zinc Acetate

It is the best supplement of zinc to cope with the common cold. It increases the rate of recovery by three times. Furthermore, it is mixed with low proportions of acetic acid to make it more soluble.

Zinc Citrate

As the name says, this type of chelated zinc supplement is absorbed in citric acid. It also comes in the form of capsules which can leave some metallic taste in your buds but will go in a short time.

Zinc Gluconate

Over the past, it is the most common type of zinc supplement everyone has countered with. It is also used as a cold remedy such as in lozenges and nasal sprays.

Zinc Sulfate

Not only it serves to prevent zinc deficiency, but also it helps in reducing acne. Zinc sulfate isn’t the most recommended type of zinc supplement as it is not absorbable easily.

Zinc Picolinate

It is found to be more absorbable in oral form to prevent deficiency of zinc. Combined with picolinic acid, this chelated form of zinc salt is also a good option.

Which Zinc Supplement Should You Use?

Zinc Gluconate can help you increase your body’s zinc level without breaking your bank because it is the most cost-effective and highly soluble type of zinc supplements. But if you are not into the price war and want a good supplement, Zinc Picolinate is your best choice as it is the most effectively absorbed zinc supplement.

Potential Benefits of These Zinc Supplements

  • They improve your immune system.
  • They may promote blood sugar control.
  • They help in fighting against acne.
  • Slows Down the Macular Degeneration
  • May help in improving heart health


Bottom Line

Zinc is also an essential element to human health just like other elements. However, taking zinc in elemental form should be between 15-30mg. Make sure not to exceed the upper limit of 40mg. It can cause serious side effects.

These types of zinc supplements discussed above are widely available over the internet and are the best zinc supplements one can buy.

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