Is Patent Services USA Legitimate?

Is Patent Services USA Legitimate?

Before jumping on to the legitimation of patent services USA, you will need to get a grip on what exactly a patent is and what these patent services provide.

What is a Patent?

A Patent for a specific invention can be labelled as a grant of a property right to the inventor by a particular country’s Patent and Trademark Office, in this case, the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In North American countries, a new patent gets developed in 20 years, from the date on which the app was registered in the U.S.

Why should one apply for Patenting?

What patenting does is that it provides you with some certain legal rights which will keep the business counterparts at bay from copying your inventions. Reasons for applying for a patent includes

- Provides the proper legal right for possessing the invention

- Turns out to be a massive help while applying for some investment

- Your product remains protected from the time you file the patent application

The reason behind questioning the Legitimacy

Now, since we have got an idea about patent and what benefits it brings along, you might be thinking why we are even discussing the legitimation of such infallible service. The reason behind this is huge patent scams that occurred in the United States of America in the last decade or so. These scams left a dagger in the heart of the inventors who trusted some patent marketing firms to bring their unique idea to life and looked to change the world for good.

We are going to discuss some examples of these scams but if we look at some numbers in the last three years then we will find out that there have been 13 complaints in total regarding these patent scams from which five complaints were from the last one year. This arena has been left untapped, which is why the general public doesn’t get to hear about the heart-wrenching thefts that occur in the circle. This is a barely regulated industry that always keeps an eye on the talented inventors.

Let us have a look at one of the major scam that has occurred in this field and understand how such incidents break down the will of inventors to create something inspiring for the world.  

Ryan Masti was a college senior who lived in one of the speck-sized New York towns was building air castles in his head when he heard that a World Patent Marketing rep wanted to make him their partner on his invention. The CEO of that Beach-based firm based in Miami made Masti believe that his invention is one of a kind and has the calibre to make him a millionaire.

Masti was swooped away as soon as the thought of becoming a millionaire entered his mind. Masti was suffering from ADHD and dyslexia, and his idea was a social networking app for the disabled, which would have made a difference in the world. It was February of 2016 when Masti provided $4000 to World Patent Marketing along with $19,000 from a high-interest loan. However, this amount would not prove to be sufficient enough according to the firm’s manufacturing director, so Masti’s dad withdrew $50,000 from his $401K to make his son’s dream come true.

From now on, Masti emailed them every Monday to check on how the work on his idea is going on, and every time the company officials assured them that the venture is still underway and progressing forward. However, came March and the company officials decided to cut all connections with Masti. This act got Masti to look for answers on Google where he unearthed that a Miami Federal Judge has shut down world Patent Marketing. Reading this news, Masti’s Heart sank, and in his words, his dreams had fallen through. Masti was not the only would-be inventor that was betrayed; thousands of others like him paid the firm to see their idea to make millions and benefit the needy in the process.

This Scam related to patents is one of the large numbers of frauds that has left a scar on an inventor’s ability to trust people and agencies. According to John Calvert, leader overseer of the United Inventors Association, “These inventors who have come up with a brilliant invention get trapped in the bait of one of such kind of scammers and end up losing all their savings along with the will of inventing something again. The person might have created something incredible for the world and the future.

How can the inventors protect themselves?

Patent attorneys, Patent agents, Invention promotion companies, online form companies, and the USPTO are some of the primary sources at your disposal that will help you go through the whole patent process. All of the options mentioned above have a different taste to themselves and assist the inventors with their unique way of obtaining a patent or making money with your invention.

The patent system is colossal and complex. Without competent guidance, most of the inventors who look to prepare and prosecute their patents often fail in their pursuit as they don’t tend to realize how narrow their patent is until it gets out of the hand.

Wrapping Up

All the patent scams that occurred in the past have left a negative impact on the talented inventors bursting through the scene. To gain their trust again, books, online forms, patent attorneys, patent agents, and invention promoters are expected to play a significant role. Therefore more and more promotion needs to be done about these processes so that the patent process and trustworthy patent agencies can help out the inventors in changing the world for good.

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