Book Virtual Office Address at Prime Location in India

Book Virtual Office Address at Prime Location in India

If you need a virtual office address, you can go meet a virtual office provider, discuss with them which would be the best for your business and then purchase it. This is something that should be done with extreme care and caution as you would not want to waste your money on an address that may not be the best for your business. 

Just because someone is living in a particular location, it does not mean that they have to get a virtual office there. They could even get in in a bigger city or some other prime locations as these are the kind of places that attract more clients. Clients are highly impressed by such locations and this will lead them to have more faith in the business as addresses belonging to these locations are good indicators of the businesses’ standards.

Maximum investment for a single virtual office address in a prime location

The prices of virtual office addresses can differ depending on the location that they belong to. The price for one can range from Rs 1000 to Rs 5000 per month over here at Instaspaces. The business owner should sit down with the virtual office provider’s team to ensure that they pick out the best one for their business. Higher prices can mean that the location is of a higher quality but that does not necessarily mean that price is directly proportional to quality all the time.

Factors that go into selecting a virtual office address

These are some of the factors that go into selecting the right virtual office address for the business:


The virtual office’s location is definitely one of the most important things that go into selecting the address. It is preferable that the location is in a place where there are many people usually present as this will help draw in more clients. The business owner should also check if any additional requirements are present for purchasing an address in that location as some may require extra fees accordingly. The location should also be safe as places with high crime rates may drive away prospective clients. It should also reflect the core essence of the business as it is a direct indication of what a client can expect from the business. It should not matter whether the address is expensive or not as long it is true to the heart and soul of the business and everyone that works there.

Understand what you are entering into(lease or membership)

It is important that the business owner knows exactly what kind of agreement they are entering into when they are purchasing the virtual office address. If a lease has to be signed, it means that the business owner will have to enter into a landlord-tenant relationship. If it is a membership agreement, then this relationship will not exist.

Security and confidentiality

The virtual office address should belong to an office that is safe in every way possible. In this day and age, business owners should be aware of the possible repercussions that come with a lack of security attention. The business owner should also be careful if they get a mail delivery service. They should check to ensure that no one unauthorized can access their mail as this may lead to precious and confidential information getting leaked.

Additional services

The business owner should check if they can get all the extra services they need for their virtual office. This includes training rooms, meeting rooms, a virtual administrative assistant, a fax machine, a printer, and a proper Internet connection. These are all integral to the success of a virtual office setup and their importance cannot be undermined. 

Be aware of where your money is going

Businesses should be extremely mindful of the money that they are investing in purchasing the virtual office address in Gurgaon. They should also be made aware of everything they are getting in addition to the address and if they need to pay for those things separately. The virtual office providers should clearly describe whatever plans or packages are available so that the business owner can make an informed decision about their purchase. In certain cases, facilities like meeting rooms and training rooms are inclusive of the price that is paid for the virtual office address and at other times, they have to be paid for separately. The business owner should keep all these details in mind before they invest their money.

Role of Instaspaces

We, here at InstaSpaces, have worked for a large number of clients in the past. We have seen people from all kinds of economic and social backgrounds, all united in their dream of wanting to make their business as viable as possible. We are well-aware of the kind of things that our clients are looking for and we are eager to provide them to you as well. We have virtual offices all across India for you to choose from and we also provide facilities such as business registration and GST registration for your business. We provide training rooms, meeting rooms and printers as well if you require them. The rooms are charged on an hourly basis.

We will do our best to deliver what you need according to your budget and ensure that you are satisfied after working with us. If you have any doubts, please reach out to us on our website where our virtual assistant InstaBuddy will be more than happy to help you out. We are deeply enthralled at the prospect of working with you and hope you feel the same way.

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