How botox treats cerebral palsy in children?

Muscle stiffness and concurrent spastic/convulsive movements are common symptoms of cerebral palsy. Many children around the world live with this condition, often struggling with various body movements and can even experience pain with these spastic shifts. There’re many different treatment options to help children reduce this convulsion especially injecting Botulinum Toxin A or simply Botox.

The substance is actually a toxin derived from bacteria, however, safe for treatment of various medical anomalies especially in the cosmetic industry as well as recurrent muscle stiffness and pain. For children suffering from spastic movement difficulties, pain and discomfort, it can definitely provide significant relief. Find out how Botox in the UAE is used for the treatment of such!

Treating spasticity with botox

The many approved uses of Botox other than facial wrinkles include migraines, overactive bladder and urinary incontinence. It’s also approved for curing cerebral palsy or muscle stiffness in children as well as grownups. Dystonia of the neck, which can be moderate to quite debilitating, is also treated through botox in the UAE.

Note: It must be noted that the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) haven’t yet approved Botox injections in children suffering from spasticity in the lower limb but many renowned hospitals around the world, garnering optimistic results so far.

However, just because the medication isn’t approved doesn’t mean it’s banned as doctors are actually allowed to put their expertise to test, determining the many benefits that outweigh the risks. Children underwent botox treatment for spasticity in the lower body returned positive outcomes with a significant reduction in stiffness and pain.

Other benefits of injecting Botulinum Toxin A in children are the better positioning of the limbs and joints, improved motion range, reduced spastic movements, appropriate walking and less pain. This also proves that botox also rectifies joint and muscular ailments which otherwise would’ve presented a greater risk at old age.

How it’s administered?

Botox is administered directly into the muscle in a certified doctor’s clinic, outpatient basis or proper medical facility. To minimise needle pinch and discomfort in a child getting a shot, a numbing substance must be sprayed to the area alongside a disinfectant to avoid the possibility of septic. Depending on the size of muscle group and severity of the disease, the procedure may include more than one follow up or multiple injections within a single session.

Long-term potential

Botox injection for the treatment of cerebral palsy isn’t a permanent solution in children. The effects, no matter the amount of dosage are temporary and active duration depends on the individual, the total amount injected and purpose of the treatment.

Medical research has concluded that multiple injections in a two-year long consecutive session actually returned positive and long-term effects. The gross motor function and muscle tone are measured in children before administering the dose.

While the injection has little or no effect on the muscle tone, significant improvements in gross motor function were noticed allowing the children to move appropriately.


Botox in the UAE actually carry the potential to help a struggling child from cerebral palsy. The decision of overall treatment is taken only after agreement of both doctors and parents as well as the severity of the disease.

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