eBay bolsters International freight program

Online trading is a common thing at present with the changing trends and people around the world now prefer to shop through online rather than walking down the street to the nearby mall. It helps them to buy things at their own comfort zone with their own preferences. They are being able to save time in a lot more ways, as the shopping through online doesn’t take much time.

When people are ordering for things through online, as a matter of fact, it needs to be delivered to them. There are millions of people across the world who is buying products through online and it needs to be delivered to them in a good condition without any kind of damage to the package. It is a fact that, the products are generally in the warehouses at different locations and there are sent to different states and cities across different countries.

The company needs to deliver the products which have been ordered by their consumers through the website. One of the biggest businesses which the world has come across so far is the imports and exports. Products are delivered from different countries by means of shipping or airlines predominantly. It is helping many different business people and entrepreneurs to be able to do real good business.

eBay is the business of online trading for around 21 years now and it has reached the people throughout the world. It has around 1 billion products under different categories for people to choose from and buy them. There are millions of people who are shopping on the website on a regular basis. All the products which are not available in the neighborhood of the location, it is received from other ends of the country.

At present, this famous online trading organization is focused on the shipping of its products. eBay’s Global Shipping Program (GSP) has added around 38 countries to the existing list of countries. Therefore the total number of countries under this particular program is around 102. They have made this initiative to get a connection to the dealers and sellers across different countries.

It is going to help them to all the domestic sellers to get connected to the people across the world. There are people out there who do buy products from different countries as it holds the ethnicity to it. The sellers want to make the complete business deal to be more clear and perfect, so their customers are able to clear with the fact of the prices which are being charged for the products which they are buying.

They want to the customers to be aware of the levy which is being applied and the price for the products as well. The sellers at eBay will be handling the domestic part for the orders which they will be receiving from all the corners of the world. This means that they will be completely responsible for the international dealing with the dealers.

All the sellers will be fixing the prices and the levy applied will be handled by Pitney Bowes, which has signed a contract with eBay. It will handle the duties, excise, insurance for the products and the delivery of it as well. On the flip side, the sellers had an accusation, stating that their products were getting listed under listings even before considering the factor of their willingness in it.

This initiative by the company has been made to help the sellers and buyers to connect and make it better for both the parties. The buyers in the countries from the list which has been recently updated under the GSP will be able to buy the products through the eBay UK. The seller needs to ship the product to the warehouse at the Midlands, from where it will be dispatched for delivery.

Once they are done with the shipping, it will be the responsibility of eBay from there on, from getting it dispatched and getting it delivered to the respective buyer on the other end. The best part of the complete deal is that the buyer will be completely aware of what they are actually paying for, all the details regarding the pricing will be made available for them up front before they make the purchase in the first place.

All the information for the pricing will be under automatic process if it is under the GSP. The sellers who are professional do possess their own shipping, apart from the ones they get to receive through eBay. This particular is specifically made for the sellers and customers to connect across the borders across the different countries. It is helping the sellers to perform better business with this program, as there are possibilities of not having the products to be shipped to certain countries.

It is said that shipping to the European countries is much simpler, for example, France or Germany. If we consider a different country, like Italy then we cannot be sure with the fact that there will be a good service provided to the buyer. The service which is provided out there doesn’t seem to be a welcoming kind when compared to other countries.

The main reason for this program is to show the buyers the complete pricing made for their products, in simple words they want to keep things transparent and clear as still water. GSP is said to specify all the details of the pricing for the shipping, to get the particular product from the home base to the consumer’s home country. This is a good initiative as they will aware of what they are actually paying instead of scrutinizing through the charges which have been made.

On the other hand, there are a few domestic sellers who are really not happy with this particular program from eBay. If the company is going to display all the details up front, so the customer is well informed with the cost, then it is most obvious that they will be comparing the prices and might end up not buying the product in the first place at all.

In the domestic grounds, we can say that, the pricing for the product to be reasonable enough. But if we consider being it shipped to a different country, in that case, the buyer might find the product to be quite expensive. The sellers really do not want this to be happening for real, as there are possibilities where they might be losing their potential customers.

We can say that it might seem to be a downfall, but still, there is still a benefit which the sellers can incur from this program. All they need to do is ship the product to the domestic eBay dealer and they are done with the selling, as simple as that. In fact, this will lead to bringing in more customers for the sellers and eBay as well.

It is, in fact, a win-win situation for both eBay and the sellers as well, as they will be able to gain a huge customer base from across the world. eBay on the large scale is relying on the international business front. It is said that the company was able to pull off great revenue with its international sales up to 62 percent over a real a long time. We can say that this initiative from eBay is definitely going to increase the popularity of their online trading and the revenue as well.

Author Bio : Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zoplay a well known Software products development and Mobile App Development Company based in Chennai, India. He has extensive experience in building and leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like Zobay an Ebay Clone script developed by Zoplay. He loves exploring new things and sharing his knowledge with others.

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