The next phase of advertising is beacon marketing

As a business owner, you understand the value of a quality marketing campaign. You also understand the value of every dollar you spend on your advertising strategy and need for each dollar to produce the maximum return on your investment in order for your company to remain competitive. Whether you are managing your marketing efforts in house or have hired it out to a professional marketing firm, it is time you learned about beacon marketing and how it can help your company get ahead.

Beacon marketing refers to a process where companies install small, low level Bluetooth beacons in their facility that allow them to send advertisements directly to their customers cellular phones and other Bluetooth enabled wireless devices. This allows companies to specifically target customers and provide them with the advertising they want to see in a format that they prefer. Here’s how it works:

A company who sells a product in a store wants to target a customer that frequents that store. They create a message that advertises the product they want to promote and define the ideal customer to receive that message. They decide that the best way to target this customer is to use Beacon advertising that allows them to use existing technology located within the specific store or stores that their target customer uses that transmits the message to the intended target via his or her cellular phone.

The intended customer must have a Bluetooth enabled phone with the Bluetooth technology on as well as having beacon enabled apps loaded onto the platform in order for beacon advertising to work. The smartphone will then transmit the beacon’s ID number that it has received a signal from to a database that then uses a complex algorithm to match the customer’s data with the advertisers and campaigns assigned to that store to find a message to send to that phone. The data collected from the phone includes browsing data and other data points, but nothing personally identifying to ensure the security of the customer.

The brand advertising will pay the store if the customer responds to the initial greeting he or she receives. The customer is rewarded for their participation in the advertising campaign by being presented with a list of deals he or she may be interested in, provided by the advertiser. It’s a win-win-win for everyone.

As a business, you understand how important it is to target specific customers with specific brand messages and opportunities. Beacon advertising allows you to do just that, which leads to higher conversions and ultimately more sales. As a storefront, you can create an entirely new revenue stream by adding beacon advertising in your locations. To get started, all you have to do is visit InMarket today. InMarket is a leading beacon marketing firm that is ready to help you get started using beacon marketing in your business to increase sales. For more information, please visit

Beacon advertising is the new wave in targeted customer advertising. Visit InMarket today to learn how you can use beacon marketing to increase your sales.

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