A Definitive List of Unique Team Building Activities with Escape Rooms in Columbus

Escape rooms in Columbus are buzzing with corporate building activities. These new venues of adventure and fun have attracted attention of corporations looking for unique team building activities that are entertaining and effective at the same time. So, let’s look at some of the unique team building activities escape rooms at Columbus.

Still Hungry

It is one of the best team building activity games suited for all ages. This escape room game involves locking up of 10-15 players in a room with a hungry zombie who is tied with chains. With every passing 5 minutes, the chain is released by a foot. The Zombie tries to catch you. If you are caught, you are out of the game.

Even if you no longer play the game, you can help your team with clues and help them escape the room. Thus, you can see, the hungry zombie game shows you the importance about team work to achieve success in any given task.

What Makes You Tick

This escape room game is perfect to identify personality clashes within the office and help you find a resolution amicably. “What makes you tick” game helps team members learn more about each other’s personality and see what kind of personalities can clash.

What makes you tick is a great way to know what motivates and demotivates different team members. By learning how each team member works best and how they react in different situations, you can learn how to approach each member differently to achieve success.

Building Blocks

This escape room game can be a design challenge, brain teaser or a series of riddles/puzzles or any game that needs a solution. The game requires your team to gather together, take a piece of paper and write a solution in a sentence or two.

The paper is passed to each member of the team and ultimately you learn how to use ideas to build a solution. You can continue the idea writing around several times and see what kind of solution you get.

The purpose of the game is to value everyone’s idea. While working as a team, you come to know even people with passive personalities have good ideas to contribute. By allowing everyone’s ideas to contribute, you can establish equal footing for everyone’s contribution to the team.

Use What You Have

Escape Rooms in Columbus also features a game known as “Use what you have”. This escape room game gives you an opportunity to work on a project with clear lists of restrictions and goals. Each team is given the same set of supplies and given a specific time to complete the project. The only condition is they have to only use what is available. They have complete freedom on how to use the items given.

The “Use what you have” team building activity helps develop problem solving skills in team members. The mix of creativity is an added advantage. The game teaches the participants to mitigate problems with reduced options.


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