5 Latest Features of Google My Business Effective for Your Local Business

5 Latest Features of Google My Business Effective for Your Local Business

The global pandemic is the most difficult time that everyone has faced and many businesses have suffered in this catastrophic phase. In this phase, Google My Business has introduced many cool features which are helpful for the businesses running in 2021. The sooner you go for GMB actions to your business, the better it will be. Below are some of the attractive features of GMB and this proves to be effective for your local business.

•    Online Services
The current pandemic has pushed all of us into the “New Normal” thing.  The most critical aspect of this “New Normal” is to work virtually. Most of the IT people are working in a virtual workplace while staying in touch with the entire world. This is the reason why Zoom and many similar apps have become popular names. Similarly. Google has figured out an opportunity gap in this aspect that comes with an improved list of online offerings. GMB is the best Digital Marketing Solution and now it comes with the latest features such as:
•    Online Estimates
•    Online Appointment
•    Online Classes
•    Online Care
If you are using GMB, make sure that you utilize each new attributes to reach out to larger groups of audiences being virtual.

•    Community Feed
This feature has added to the Google Maps app and you can get all the latest updates from the local businesses you follow. These updates will show you the latest posts, news, reviews from Google Local Guides, and so on. Now Google has revealed that the community feed is more inclined towards the food and drink businesses such as restaurants, cafes, etc. Therefore, this feature will be added to community centers and venues soon.

In local business, this feature has a lot to offer. It gives you visibility on Google Maps which is also a great way to attract target audiences residing locally.

•    Health & Safety
In this, vulnerable phase of a global pandemic, it is impossible to make any decision without considering the health and safety aspects. While considering this, the GMB has come with this new attribute of the “Health & Safety” feature. This ensures that searchers can make their decisions in an informed manner. It includes the attributes related to :

•    The staffs getting their temperature checked
•    Everyone is wearing masks
•    Mask/temperature check required

These health & safety aspects can help you to prove to be effective. If you follow all guidelines that help your business to stay safe from Covid-19 then list them on your GMB. You can easily win your customers’ attention who are worried about their health and safety. They’ll always choose to interact with a business.

•    The Call Logging Feature

Google is all set to include the call logging feature in GMB. This attribute will be the test stage but it’s totally worth it. Once this feature comes, you will be able to see the customer calls that your business has received through search. This feature works in the following way.

Say, a customer searches and clicks on the “call” button on your GMB profile. Google will straightaway log that customer call if it gets missed or answered. When you open your GMB profile, in the call history section you can see the list of calls. This latest feature can prove to be crucial for the local businesses as this can help to keep a check on interactions.

Expanded Messaging
For some time, messaging was the only thing restricted to the GMB app. However, Google has now monitored that majorities of the customers reach out to businesses via messaging. This trend has made the GMB opt for the new and expanded messaging attributes. This newly added feature can help the local businesses to add more value to their visibilities.

If you have a local business, it is advised not to ignore GMB if you’re focused on your business growth.  GMB is important when it comes to the online presence of a local business and it is the best digital marketing solution you can leverage sustain your business presence on Google.

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