When Is The Best Time To Repair And Paint Your Exterior Walls

A home’s exterior wall coatings are always exposed to harsh external elements which may or may not present itself regularly. Homeowners who value the exterior aesthetics of their home know just how important the wall coating is for the entire home. It is after all the first thing people see before going inside the house. As we all know, first impressions tend to stick.
This makes people ask: when is the best time to hire professionals for exterior rendering services? If you are asking that question, here are some signs that it's time for rendering and repairs:
1. Peeling Paint
The moment there are visible signs of paint or the exterior wall coatings peeling it is time to do some patchwork. Peeling, chalky, or cracking paint indicates that the coating is no longer doing its job of protecting the material of the house. When it is not addressed right away, the peeling will continue to expose the home to harsh external elements like UV rays, rainwater, and even snow.
It is best to contact a professional to assess the extent of the damage and request for a quote for their services long before most of the paint has peeled away.
2. Caulk Losing Flexibility
The caulk is a material that is used to seal seams and joints to prevent any leakage from happening. In due time, most probably due to exposure to severe temperature changes and constant sun exposure, the caulk begins to weaken and soon loses its flexibility. The result is a very brittle caulk that allows water to seep inside the home and cause water damage internally and externally.
If exterior rendering is not done soon, the damage can quickly spread which will result in complicated and expensive repairs.
3. Wood Rot
Wood rot is a serious problem that can quickly escalate and cause a lot of structural damage. The moment bare wood is exposed to the elements because its external coating has peeled away, wood rot becomes an issue. As soon as you notice any spots on the external parts of your home exhibiting signs of wood rot, get it repaired right away.
A professional will assess the situation to see if there is more damage that cannot be seen on the surface. It is recommended to remedy the situation long before it becomes a threat to everyone’s safety.
When Is The Best Time For Repairs And Rendering?
It is clear that external wall damages should be repaired as soon as possible. However, even when the signs aren’t showing it is best to schedule regular wall painting during the summer and spring months. These two seasons are best for external home repairs because of the lack of rain, snow, and other disruptive weather conditions.

Don’t wait until the signs of damage are very clear and hard to ignore because it might just be too late. Schedule your home’s repairs or rendering long before the peak months start, you might just get a bigger discount by doing so.

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