Top 7 Questions Every Small Business Should Ask Potential Marketing Agencies

Top 7 Questions Every Small Business Should Ask Potential Marketing Agencies

Today, online or digital marketing is one of the essential components to run and grow your business in the fast-growing digital world. You can't do online business without digital marketing.

However, small business owners have too many responsibilities and tasks, and hiring a digital marketing agency is the only way left.

There is no bad in hiring a digital marketing agency as they have expertise and custom strategies that suit your business objectives even though you can have rapid business growth with the right digital marketing company's help.

Yes! Only the right digital marketing services provider can deliver you profitable results, and you should be super conscious while hiring a digital marketing agency.

Here are some questions that help you better interview your prospect marketing agencies and hire the best one of them. 

1. How Will Your Services Grow My Business?

Everyone can promise you to make the market leader in a sales meeting, but you shouldn't risk your business growth with a promise. You should ask for a proper roadmap to your success. Every business has different needs; where large organizations want more revenues, small businesses need consistent sales flow to survive. 

If you only hear the generalized marketing strategy, then you shouldn't consider those agencies and stick to the ones with a foolproof digital marketing plan for your business.

2. How Do You Measure ROI for Marketing Campaigns?

There are various marketing channels in the industry to promote businesses, and every single channel has its own traits. So, one can't measure the success of every marketing campaign with the same parameters.

There will be no profit if your social campaign gives you tons of followers, but you do not get any traffic or conversion on your website from social media platforms. Same, your marketer is publishing many contents for your business, but all those contents are a waste if you are not getting any value from them. So, there should be unique measuring parameters for scaling the ROI or success of each marketing campaign.

3. Can You Show me Some Case Studies?

Case studies help you analyze the efficiency of a digital marketing agency. You can see how well they groomed a business and elevated its growth. You'll also get to know about the clients they have worked or are working for.

So, see the case studies and decide whether their work styles and results meet your expectations and business requirements or not.

Choose the one that aligns with your small business digital marketing requirement.

4. How Will You Target Our Audience?

Ultimately, your audience is your customers, and you should be heedful of how your digital marketing agency reaches your customers as a brand.

A reliable online marketing agency wants to know more and more about your customers to forge a marketing strategy that correctly approaches the customers and drives conversions.

So, hear out how your digital marketing agency promotes your business and interact with your audience to encourage the sale. If you think they have the right plan to understand the user intent and support the buyer persona to boost the sales, only you should consider them.

5. How Can I Track My Digital Growth?

Your digital marketing company should be good with the numbers so that they can make more calculated actions and strategies to drive profitable results. They should also have a proper reporting procedure so you can see your success in numbers.

Moreover, there should be the right parameters in the report that shows the numbers that matter for your business. 

Mostly, digital marketing agencies manipulate the reports and only show the numbers you are doing good at. For example, they will show you the number of contents, links earned, social posts, etc. However, all of these can't tell you your growth.

There should be some data that shows your real growth in terms of sales. Moreover, there should be other supporting data that depicts your potential future growth like increased traffic, high user engagement, more leads, etc.

So, ask what they will provide so you can track your numbered business growth because numbers help you make better business decisions.

6. How Experienced Your Team is in Digital Marketing?

You should know who will handle your digital marketing. Generally, digital marketing agencies brag about their expertise in the industry based on one or two experts, but they hand over your work to some less experienced person while charging you for the premium services. Sometimes, digital marketing agencies also outsource your work at less cost than you are paying, making a profit without doing anything.

So, ask them about their team's experience and who will be handling your project. 

7. How Long Does It Take to See the Results?

Digital marketing is no magic, and it will take some time to give you reliable results. There are different marketing channels, and every channel has a unique way of working. For example, you can see fast results with paid advertising, but you won't get anything if you don't pay.

On the other hand, you don't need to pay for organic results, which needs SEO. SEO doesn't take money but needs some time to give you sustainable results. So, you need to be patient with your digital marketing to see tangible growth.

If someone promises you quick results simply, they are fooling you. Digital marketing needs consistency to deliver the results. 

You'll start noticing some traction after 3-6 months, depending on the competition, but you should focus on long term digital marketing plans for exceptional and stable results.


These are the top 7 questions every small business should ask digital marketing agencies. All these questions definitely help you know a lot about your prospect agencies and hire the best one. 

For more consultation about your small business online marketing, you can reach this digital marketing agency Toronto for the best advice and services.

Wish You a Profitable Business!

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