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Jewelry is a form of expression. It is a statement.  Jewelry shows character, personality, and lifestyle.  It is not just for embellishment; it is part of a daily routine and personal décor.  Jewelry is designed for all genders, lifestyles, and purposes.  From graduation gifts to masonic jewelry, there are numerous designs and patterns for every lifestyle and preference. The cost of jewelry is very reflective of the materials and processes used to make it. The more refined the process or and more expensive the materials used, the higher the cost of the jewelry.

The Bands

While gold is still the most common material used in ring bands, quality silver and titanium have seen a huge increase in demand.  Silver rings are easily sized and considerably cheaper than gold bands.  It is a popular material that is very easy to manipulate and work with.  Titanium rings are on the other end of this scale.  It is extremely important to purchase a titanium ring in the proper size.  These rings are not made from forgeable material. They are carved from a solid piece of titanium. They can be made slightly larger by shaving down the inside of the band.  They are very difficult to size for smaller fingers.  For Titanium rings, although they make iconic gifts, it is best to have the ring wearer present for sizing prior to purchase.  Ring styles can be dramatically altered simply by changing the materials used in the band.  Masonic jewelry, for example looks stunning in a classic gold band, modified with jewels and a symbol of your choice.

The Jewels

It goes without saying that the first thing noticed in jewelry are the jewels used in them.  The most popular engagement rings are still adorned with diamonds. These diamonds are valued by size and purity.  Diamond imperfections lower the quality of the stone.  Men's masonic jewelry has a wider range of stone use. Rubies work well in rings that have a more everyday and classic feel to them.  When shopping for rings, it is important to note the difference in jewels, and know how to recognize them, too.  Opal is one of the more misused jewels on the market. It is easy to create a man-made opal that is indistinguishable to the untrained eye.  While there is nothing wrong with purchasing man-made stones, it is important to know exactly what it is you are purchasing and that it is priced appropriately.

The Placement

Placement is perhaps one of the most important parts of jewelry creation.  It is also one of the most subtle.  You can have two pieces of masonic jewelry, made from the exact same material with the same jewels. They will look extremely different from each other if the placements differ.  It is also placement that creates the stunning look of engagement bands and family rings.  It determines whether stones are raised above the bands or imbedded into the rings.  While shopping for your jewelry, take note of the placement and what you prefer.  This will go a long way in simplifying your search for your perfect ring.

A lot goes into creating the ideal piece of jewelry.  Whether you are shopping for your perfect family heirloom or making a bold statement with masonic jewelry, you will want to consider what is important to you in a ring before making your final choice.


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