Kotlin: A New Era of Android App Development

Kotlin: A New Era of Android App Development

For the longest time, Java has been the primary go-to language used for Android app development. Although Java has made its mark as a strong and innovative language, it’s wrong to say it’s the only or best choice for developing Android apps. Java, despite its robustness, comes with several changes that deters the work of developers.

Different developers have begun using different Java Virtual Machine (JVM) languages that have been coming up with growing tech. The language that most developers choose over Java for their Android development projects is Kotlin.  In this article, we’ll talk about Kotlin and highlight the various reasons why it’s seen as the new era of Android app development.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is an open source, statistically typed programming language that incorporates Java Virtual Machine. This programming language can additionally be compiled to JavaScript source code. This new language is developed by JetBrains, the Russian company behind IntelliJ IDEA.

Kotlin combines practical programming and object-oriented features to develop state-of-the-art multiple platform applications. This JVM language focuses on security, interoperability, mechanism support, and simplicity.

Kotlin comes with a top-notch Android support studio – upon installation, an Android app development company will need to watch the studio make the configuration on their Android project. As a mobile app development company, your efficiency and skill during Android application development will improve with Kotlin.

Unlike other programming languages, Kotlin has advanced from alpha and beta level to attain its final version (Kotlin 1.0) which was released in 2016. Kotlin v1.2 was released in the last quarter of 2017, and it’s compatible and interoperable with Java – compiled with JavaScript or Native, it can be used to build code that will run on iOS. Kotlin v1.2.6, which is the latest available version, was released in August 2018. Also, Kotlin fixed the loopholes and lags associated with the Java programming language.

Benefits of Kotlin

It’s known that Java is one of the oldest programming languages still in use. When companies hire dedicated developers to build mobile apps for them, Java offers different features which are used to build good Android apps.

A large number of Android app developers have become very accustomed to using this programming language. However, the cons associated with this language cannot be denied – this is where Kotlin enters to fix Java lags. Highlighted below are the benefits related to the Kotlin programming language.

Less Coding

Compared to Java, Kotlin was developed to require less coding. In numerical terms, it’s estimated that Kotlin’s code used to be approximately 20% less than that of Java. This means that with less code, an Android app development company can solve application problems better. The process with this programming language is dependable, and you encounter fewer bugs.

With Kotlin, the number of boilerplate codings will decrease, and execution of the code will be quicker and better. A mobile app development company with experienced developers will choose this language because it deals with peculiarities such as smarts casts and data classes.

Java Interoperability

When businesses hire dedicated developers to build their Android apps, these developers often opt to use Java. Because Java used to be the official Android app development language, developing Android apps using other languages used to be difficult.

With Kotlin, however, it’s easy because the language is interoperable with Java. This means that a mobile app development company building an Android app can use both Java and Kotlin to compile their project. With the ease of operation of Kotlin, it allows you to use the features of Java without changing to a new project or altering the present project codes.

Easy to Learn and Use

Business can hire dedicated developers with Java experience but no Kotlin knowledge because this language can be learned quickly. This user-friendly language allows users working with other languages to understand it in a hurry, and easily. Developers don't need to spend so much time learning Kotlin – all that’s necessary is reading the language reference, and you’ll have a handle on the language.

This language is developed to offer Java developers a gentle learning path, and it comes with a lean and in-built syntax. Kotlin also makes it easy to design and integrate your Android application with interactive UI and animation, which plays a significant role in application development.

Adoption is Free

Since Kotlin is an open source language, businesses who hire an Android app development company to build their app don’t have to spend their money on it. You can start using this programming language by merely using the Java to Kotlin converter tool to change your current Java files. With this tool, you can convert complex codes to simpler codes without conceding time and effort.

Safer Code

Developers can avoid errors like “NullPointExceptions” with this programming language because code written in this language is more specific. Kotlin enables you to avoid mistakenly working on null types. From the beginning of app development, this language focuses the developer's attention on the possible errors and risks.

This way developers can remove them in the early stages and develop code with less bugs and crashes. The compiler in Kotlin programming language is designed to automatically catch mistakes even when you checked a type as correct to minimize errors.

To Wrap It Up

Kotlin provides a solution to some Java issues such as No checked exceptions, No raw types, null reference control, and more. This new programming language is taking over from Java in terms of Android app development because of the innovative peculiarities that give it an advantage over other programming languages.

Developers have good support with Kotlin to develop productive apps with user-friendly interfaces. This new programming language is compatible entirely with Java which makes it easy for developers to migrate their big projects to Kotlin. With the learning ease and less code feature of this language, Kotlin will soon replace the traditional programming language which is Java for Android app development.

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