How To Grow your Facebook Following

When a new user visits your Facebook page for the first time, whether they consciously realize it or not, they automatically judge the relevance, quality and ranking of your page based on how many likes your page has received (i.e. how many other people are following that page). The more people that are following a Facebook page, the more compelled a new visitor feels to join in with the crowd and like that Facebook page also.

Building Your Following Organically

Of course, building up and establishing a strong following on a brand new Facebook page and doing it completely organically takes a substantial amount of time and effort and it can be a while before the work starts to pay off. There are, however, a few short cuts you can take to grow you audience faster.

Paid Facebook Likes

As an alternative, many people are now choosing to buy paid likes from other sources. The best place to purchase Facebook likes on the internet seems to be micro-sites - low-cost freelance websites where freelancers are offering their services at incredibly low costs. At many of these micro-sites, freelancers are willing to sell several thousand likes on your Facebook page on low cost.

There are also many other micro-sites where Facebook likes can be purchased and a simple Google search is sure bring up a multitude of them. You can use Paypal to purchase the likes.

Buying paid likes from such micro-sites can not only make your page look like it has a large following but it can you get you as many as 5,000 likes or more on your Facebook page. This can be a great way of promoting any new Facebook pages you have just launched thereby increasing their chances of appealing to a wider audience right from the beginning.

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