How To Deal With Trolls And Negative Comments On Social Media

There is something about hiding behind a screen that makes people extra rude and heartless when it comes to sharing their comments. Trolls and haters can make efforts in Social media marketing seem fruitless, but just because there are a few bad seeds doesn’t mean you can’t succeed on the different social media platforms.

Experts in Social media advertising all have their techniques and strategies when it comes to dealing with negative comments and trolls. These are some of those tips that will keep you fighting:

Tip 1: Never Panic

Even the most seasoned marketing pro won’t have a foolproof social media marketing plan that won’t be met with negative comments and trolls. People always have an opinion about someone or a brand that isn’t very nice. When you notice that the negativity has started to pile up, step back.

Don’t go into panic mode and start responding emotionally to these comments. Consult with a trusted social media marketing expert if you are struggling to keep up with the trolls. They have better strategies that will contain the hate.

Tip 2: Don’t Delete Them

If people don’t see the negative comments, they don’t exist, right? Very wrong! When someone posts a complaint about your brand, never delete the post because it will make your company look guilty. Current and potential customers and clients will no longer respect your brand when you don’t address their complaints properly.

You will end up losing more customers from deleting a negative comment. Plus, there are always screenshots taken as evidence. Craft a professional and helpful reply that will address their comments instead.

Tip 3: Do Not Insincerely Apologize

Offering an empty "I’m sorry" or "We apologize for your troubles" is seen as apathetic and insincere by your audience. While it is always good to apologize for mistakes, never offer an apology that does not come with a solution for the issue. Allow the trolls and haters to vent out their anger and complaint, but fight them with sincerity and kindness, it is the best way to earn a good reputation in different social media platforms.

Tip 4: Do NOT Block Trolls And Haters

Blocking the accounts that troll your brand and leave negative comments is just like deleting the comments. It makes your company look bad, and it makes them feel as if they have won. Continue to respond to what they are saying in a mature and professional manner. They will eventually get tired of responding to your kindness.

Work With The Pros

Negative comments can take its toll on a business owner, especially if you are passionate about your company. If responding to trolls becomes too much to handle, let the social media advertising experts handle it for you. They can craft better responses that are always professional to read.

Sometimes stepping away from the heat is the only way you won’t get burned. Even if it may seem a little impersonal, the experts have your brand’s success in mind when managing your social media accounts.
Our team at SiteWizard can help your brand through Social media marketing and Social media advertising. Contact us today and let's discuss how we can be of service to you.

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