How To Clean Hard To Reach Areas

How To Clean Hard To Reach Areas

Cleaning hard to reach areas in a home or commercial space can often be a challenge. All too often, those doing the cleaning, unless they are professionals such as Office Cleaning Service in Ocala, skip over hard to reach areas as usually these areas aren’t readily visible, so no one is likely to notice. The problem is that dirt and germs will continue to accumulate if not removed regularly, and this can cause air pollution and bacterias to accumulate. If you choose to do your own cleaning, be it in your home or business, you must take time to clean those hard to reach places. Here are some tips that can help make the job easier and more successful:

·        Bathroom: we all know one of the most difficult and unpleasant places to clean is behind a toilet. For some reason, this area becomes dirty and often even moldy. To save having to wash rags with nasty deposits on them, it is best to use cheap paper towels. Dampen the paper towel, then sprinkle a light covering of bleach on the area to be cleaned. Clean with the damp paper towel and then air dry. Throw the dirty paper towels away.

·        Under sinks: Again, under sinks can easily become hotbeds for germ-carrying bacteria. This area often gets overlooked as to properly clean, one must remove the many items usually stored under the sink.  Once all the items have been removed, clean the area with a disinfectant spray. Be sure to wipe down the sides and top of the storage area as well as the bottom. Air dry.

·        Behind and under furniture: Probably because most furniture is heavy and awkward to move, it is easy to pass by cleaning under and behind. At least once a month, furniture except maybe large couches and beds should be moved and moped or vacuumed under and behind. Whenever possible, if a piece of furniture is too heavy to move, try to clean under it with a damp dust cloth attached to a mop or long rod.

·        Ceiling fans: No one likes to clean ceiling fans. They can be cleaned by hand using a damp cloth while you stand on a ladder.  Or, you can purchase special ceiling fan cleaning tools, which will eliminate having to use a ladder.

·        Tops of doors and window ledges: unless you are a tall person, these areas are often just out of normal reach. You can use a damp cloth attached to a long pole to avoid having to use a ladder. It is amazing how much dirt accumulates on these areas.

·        Under and behind appliances: Usually, these items require moving to do a proper job of cleaning. Probably twice a year is enough but when you do, do a thorough job. Using a disinfectant cleaner wipe all areas outside the appliance and sweep and wash the floor where the appliance has stood. Lots of germ-carrying bacterias can live under appliances.

·        Window treatments, especially slatted blinds: Dust just seems to love window treatments. If the coverings can be machine washed and dried, that’s great. If the window treatments, such as slatted blinds,  must be hand-washed, there is not much to make this job easy and pleasant. Use a damp, soft cloth to wipe each slat top and under and let air dry. Rinse your cleaning cloth often to make sure you are getting each slat thoroughly clean.

Each home and business has its own hard to reach areas in addition to the ones mentioned here. Just remember to clean these areas to keep bacteria and viruses from spreading. This is especially true in our current COVID environment. 

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