How Technology is Transforming the Pilates Industry like Never Before

How Technology is Transforming the Pilates Industry like Never Before

In the fitness industry, the secret to success lies within awareness of the latest technology. It is the power of technology that drives a lot of success for most businesses these days and the fitness industry is no exception. In today’s digitised global landscape, fitness and technology go hand-in-hand. 

Whether you want to attract more clients to your Pilates studio or increase engagement amongst existing members, technology can play a substantial role in facilitating growth. From mobile apps to wearable technology, digital fitness platforms and Yoga studio software, today’s fitness technology varies greatly. 

The application of fitness technology is not only limited to conventional gyms but to yoga and Pilates’ studios too. The ease that technology can offer to business operations is incomparable.

As the fitness sector moved online during 2020, yoga studios, gyms, and members alike have invested in-home fitness spaces. Gyms have enhanced their online services, members have improved their home set-ups, investing in a wide range of equipment, fitness tracking apps and wearables for the long-term.

Thus the significance of encorparting technology at your fitness centre is:

  1. Wearables

Wearables are one of the most widely used fitness technologies cherished by fitness enthusiasts. Not only do they allow your members to track their progress, it also keeps them more involved in their sessions and lets them define quantifiable goals. From the number of steps to the number of calories burned, wearable technology can give members a deeper insight into their physical health more than ever before!

  2. Smart Fitness Equipment

Technology not only affects wearables but also the equipment your members workout on. Their workout experience will be increased tremendously with the inclusion of fitness technology.

Real-time analysis of your member’s exercises on machine dashboards is fun and engaging. These machines provide feedback on your technique or weight training equipment. This tends to augment member retention rates greatly. Such progressions have become boundless. 

Level up your studio by choosing smart fitness equipment. This technology is also a wonderful addition to your facility as it can alert you of any issues or failures. Consider this, cloud-based technology and Pilates studio software can help you keep your staff members abreast of any issues or interruptions to their business flow.

 3. Artificial Intelligence

Another amazing fitness technology trend is artificial intelligence. 

The exciting ecosphere of artificial intelligence has been brought to the fitness industry with regular member-related tasks. For example, it provides support related to answering services, session registration, and statistical measurements to provide added insight to your fitness studio. AI chatbots can provide customer support, which can help your gym members with problems at any time of the day! Your centre can be open 24 hours a day without having to worry about staffing or human inefficiencies in response times.

 4. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has become another thrilling element in the fitness industry. This logic of gamification is found to boost member retention and engagement at fitness studios.

Research has revealed that people wearing a headset during a workout session perform better in strengthening exercises. Studies have also disclosed that people who employ virtual reality feel less pain and uphold a specific position or activity for extended periods of time. It should come as no surprise that the virtual reality market is expected to reach $49.7 billion by the year 2023.

 5. Live Streaming Classes

The instructors at your Yoga studio can utilise live streaming their classes to a much wider audience! This can help increase your popularity. Imagine having a Yoga studio program that can schedule classes in the digital space and be able to communicate with members at that moment in time, virtually. Your trainers can respond to questions they may have about the exercises and give them advice on the most appropriate methods to make the routine.

 6. Staff and Client App

In today’s dynamic fitness industry, the utilisation of client and staff apps is quite popular. With a dedicated app by your side, you can streamline your fitness business and give unprecedented levels of ease to your members at your fitness centre.

There are different types of Yoga studio software and Pilates studio software available in the market that boost a wide range of features for both fitness business owners and club members. Such technology can help you organise things in a very streamlined and effective manner. This software can help you do a lot of things like schedule yoga sessions, receive payments, verify crucial documents, and much more. Similarly, your club members can book classes, manage their profiles, and check rewards points.

Staying aware of the latest fitness technology trends can help boost your business and provide your members a distinctive and appealing way to interact with your fitness studio. Say yes to a whole new fitness world from artificial intelligence to virtual reality to live-streaming classes and studio management software.

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