Hiring the Best Property Management Company in Gurgaon

Want to hire the best property management company in Gurgaon for your properties in Gurgaon but don’t know where to begin? If you are a real estate investor/owner of a property who is keen to professionally manage their property and move on from the traditional landlord duties, then you must look at the services offered by Lime Propcare. Some of the key factors that would help a client choose Lime Propcare Property Management Services in Gurgaon are:

Local Market Expertise:
The team at Lime Propcare brings to the table huge experience in local market. The expertise helps bring vital information which help clients choose the right properties for rent or purchase and thus minimizing vacancies. Local rental market knowledge also gives property management company the upper-hand when it comes to setting a rental rate that maximizes monthly rental income on your rental units.

Flexy Property management Services
Paying for all the property management services often takes a toll on the client’s pocket. We at LinmePropcare offer a variety of property management packages designed to deliver the exact services you need. Here at Lime Propcare, we understand it is important to give landlords services tailored to their individual needs. That is why landlords who work with us can choose from either a full service property management package or our tailored property management package.

Tenancy Management
Tenancy Management at Limepropcare Property Management Services is just to take care of all the rental, leasing, property management services that you need. Limepropcare are here to dissolve your all the worries about your property.

Our Property management team provides proper liaisons between the landlord and the tenancies. We also provide proper assistance to the landlords and the tenencies regarding their queries about the property. We take the full authority towards any hassle in residential Property management in Gurgaon, so that the landlords and the tenant get a better service from us. We take full responsibility for the rent management, behaviors, and resident involvement functions. The team is supported by Customer Care Number.

Property Maintenance
We ensure that the house is in perfect condition. We get the property thoroughly cleaned and inspected every two weeks. During the monsoon season we do weekly inspections to check for seepages. We also check for blocked drains to avoid flooding, Thereafter we send you detailed reports with photograph.We facilitate all repairs and maintenance work by engaging skilled and verified plumbers/electricians/contractors.

Property Management Technology
We offer the best in class technology to our clients making it easy to access technology which offers simple, convenient ways to report property issues and pay dues.

We see a lot of property management companies in Gurgaon charging many hidden expenses/fees from clients making it increasingly unviable to manage. We at Lime Propcareare always 100% transparent with pricing (no hidden fees), And when it comes to property management agreements, everything is in writing to avoid any misunderstandings during the landlord / property manager relationship.

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